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Write a StoryIf you are considering writing a book about your journey to recovery after experiencing a serious illness you need to understand that it really doesn’t matter how well your book is written, or how interesting it is, if no one knows about it, you will not make any sales.

Once you write a story about your life, there are a number of things you can do to market and promote your book. You may have a family member or friend help you; you may do it yourself or you may pay to have someone market it for you. This is what I did with the help of my husband Peter when I wrote my book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’.

1. Via my social media, I let people know of my progress e.g. Manuscript finally finished; great editor provided by publisher; my print copy has arrived etc.

2. Hired a publicist in America to contact the media (newspaper, magazines, TV, radio) both in Australia, America and Canada

3. I concentrated on approaching organisations where I could be a speaker and offer my book for sale e.g. Rotary

4. I had an official launch at Parliamentary House in Victoria. As my book was on health issues, I approached the Health Minister. He asked his Parliamentary Secretary to officiate.

5. As I lived 100k from Melbourne, I decided to have a local launch too. Again I approached my local MP who was prepared to officiate. Council has also shown interest in supporting the launch.

6. I organised two well known identities to read excerpts from my book (as I cannot read) at both launches.

7. I invited 200 people to the Parliamentary launch and 100 to the local launch.

8. I participated in 3 festivals where people interested in my theme would be present (Mind Body Spirit Festival).

9. I individually contacted some of my social media network to ask if they could refer me to any groups they thought would be interested in having me as a speaker.

If you want to write a story about your life, you may wish to access two free CD’s on how to market and sell an e-book. I am also compiling a book to explain the full story of what I did and how I did it; marketing and promotion was a very important aspect of the success of my book. If you would like me to tell you when this is available, please email me

Barbara Gabogrecan sharing her thoughts

Hints and Tips

If you have overcome the fear and trauma of a serious illness, you definitely have something worthwhile writing about. By sharing your story you may be able to help others cope with their demons too.  Just start writing (like writing a diary) and when you think you have finished, get someone with experience and expertise to edit it for you (I actually had 5 folk edit my manuscript). Then comes the marketing!

25 thoughts on “Write a Story About Your Life

  1. Ana B.

    Great tip! I agree that someone who has overcome a serious illness can help others by writing about their experience.

  2. Chris W.

    You really give some great advice for marketing your story. I especially love your suggestion for starting a memoir by writing a diary. I have thought about writing a book but never knew where to start.

  3. Yusuf Ali

    Nice tips. I personally don’t really want to publish a book about my story and hardships, at least not yet. Although I am writing them in an anonymous online journal. I’m not at the point of ‘revelation’ yet but when the times comes, I will get it out to those who I think can benefit form it. The professionals can do the rest as you said =]

  4. Daniel D

    So basically you’re saying that even if you write a book it’s useless until you make it’s presence known. Good advice.

  5. Lisa Perkins

    I’m not sure how interesting my life story would be to others, but at the age of 41… I Definitely feel like I’ve been through enough to be atleast 10-15 yrs. older than I currently am…. Lol..Lol..Lol…!!

  6. Austin

    Very in-depth and interesting article. Writing a book about yourself looks like a very good way to show what you have been through.

  7. Nick Miller

    I had a friend that I worked with who had a stroke just over 20 years ago when he was in his early 50’s. He missed over a year from work and shared with me his experiences as he got himself to where he could work again. I wish he had written about his experience, it could have been an inspiration to others.

  8. kris

    I love this article. I was shot in a robbery several years ago. As a way to cope, I wrote my thoughts down in a daily journal. I’ve wanted to get it published for years. After reading your article, I’m going to send out copy’s and hope I can get it published.

  9. Joanne

    Very inspiring story. Writing a book about life experiences and how you overcome a serious illness can inspire others.

  10. Ashley Tello

    I think this is a helpful site to give people who are trying to write a book, a guide through the proper steps of marketing and getting their book known. I also admire you telling your own story and that it will not only help people that are going through the same thing but everyone around them as well.

  11. joyfulone

    Your story is inspiring in more ways than one. This is also great info for anyone interested in getting published.

  12. Moises G.

    I think most people who have lived through something traumatic want to tell their story, but don’t know how to go about it. Great post!

  13. Tammy

    Great advice! Wanting to share but not knowing how to get exposure or being afraid of not being able to do so is a real problem.

  14. malo

    This post is interesting as it shows me a way to share any story which may be able to help me in my life . Now, I want to start writing my experience and then comes the marketing!


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