Wheatgrass Extract – Herbal Assistance For Stroke Patients

Video by Dr Reynolds
Edited into text by Barbara Gabogrecan

Herbal RemedyDr Reynolds has found that wheatgrass extract helps in the healings of wounds and burns; it also can assist with tight tendons and muscles that do not work as they should. He feels that the remarkable change in a patient’s condition, following the use of wheatgrass extract defies explanation.

Dr Reynolds wondered if it would help patients suffering from a stroke or other brain injuries when they do not appear to be recovering their action and joint movement. He has no idea if it would help everyone, but he has certainly had some remarkable success with some of his patients.

The first case study he shares with us is of a man who has suffered a stroke and has paralysis in his arm, hand and foot. His deformities meant that his hand would not open at all and he could not raise his arm. His foot would not straighten and he had to walk on the side of his foot with his toes clenched so that he could walk on his tippy toes.  He could not get out of a chair without someone pulling him upright.

When the wheat grass extract was pushed into his clenched hand, within five minutes he could open his fingers and his thumb had nearly normal flection. When it was applied to his arm it took about twenty minutes before he could raise it; this he had not been able to do since he suffered the stroke.

Ten days later after treatment each day he was able to drive his car; something he had not been able to do for ten years.

The second case study involved a four year old child who had suffered from bacterial meningitis when an infant. All her limbs were spastic, she could not hold her head up and could not speak.

One leg in particular did not respond to any ‘tickling’ or touching of her foot. She could not bend her knee at all, unless her mother bent it for her. Within minutes after having the wheat grass applied, she was responding to touch and bending her knee by herself.

Dr Reynolds points out that no one knows why or how the wheat grass works and remains amazed at the results he has had with patients. Perhaps this is something patients of strokes should try. It is a very safe product to use with no apparent side effects.

Tips and Hints

There is always discussion re using herbal remedies and more traditional medical procedures and medicines. I believe it is possible to combine both in an effort to gain the best recovery results. If the herbal remedies are safe and can do no harm, then why wouldn’t you use them?

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38 thoughts on “Wheatgrass Extract – Herbal Assistance For Stroke Patients

  1. james

    I think a combination of both traditional and holistic medical treatments is the best way to go. This way one is insured that they balance between both reaping equal benefits.

  2. Mike Teberio

    This is really a story i will never forget i have dealt with many people who had strokes and sometimes they end up in a tragic ending and in most cases they do. I have picked up a lot of tips and hints on what too look for if i ever get in this position thank you so much.

  3. Debbie Boulier

    Herbal remedies are wonderful but just make sure you talk with your doctor first as some of them could possibly interact with medications. Other than that, I can’t see why you wouldn’t use them.

  4. Austin

    I had no idea there were so many herbal remedies used to obtain positive results. Some great hints and tips for those dealing with stroke recovery.

  5. Will McCaig

    yes herbal remedies can be very effective. you need to study them though and get opinions on their effectiveness. don’t just start using them without researching. they could hurt you just as well as help you.

  6. Ben McKinnon

    Agreed that both traditional and organic medication both have a place in the healing process for stroke patients. After all, everyone is different and has unique interactions and reactions to various compounds and chemicals. If one doesn’t work, try the other!

  7. Chris W.

    I had no idea that wheat grass was so powerful! It sounds like a fantastic cure for people have trouble moving. I guess that it pays to have an open mind with natural supplements.

  8. Ana B.

    Wow, these stories are amazing. Herbal and traditional medicines do appear to be more effective than science has been giving them credit for. I’m going to research wheatgrass extract a bit further. Even it doesn’t work, it’s worth trying.

  9. S.B. Stolk

    Wow, I did not know that about wheatgrass extract! Hopefully more people will be able to take advantage of this remedy. Thanks for spreading the word.

  10. Fred Arnold

    Good for those two! I’m happy that there is some progress into helping those that had suffered the worst from a stroke. Who knows? Maybe science will be able to right off all ailments and we can live to our full potential!

  11. arsuk

    The most brilliant idea is shown here. This article you shared is absolutely fabulous. It is wonderful to see the case studies of this product working. This makes me feel a need to pay for this information – thank you.

  12. sarah keating

    For years medical science resisted the need to take vitamin supplements; now doctors regularly suggest them. It will probably be the same some day with herbal remedies. Sometimes it takes the science a while to catch up.

  13. jinie lara

    Maybe science will be able to right off all ailments and we can live to our full potential! It sounds like a fantastic cure for people have trouble moving. I guess that it pays to have an open mind with natural supplements.

  14. Tareq Aziz

    I hope a combination of both traditional and holistic medical treatments is the best way to go. This way one is insured that they balance between both reaping equal benefits.

  15. Danny

    I have always lauded alternative treatments such as herbal medicines and natural oils. I believe these are the key to improving the health of many sic people. Studies have shown that they can significantly improve or remediate the conditions of patients, yet these studies sadly go ignored by mainstream medicine.

  16. ashi

    I think using herbal remedies are helpful as these are harmless and can help psychologically. I think it is the best way to treat an illness is by combining herbal remedies with more traditional medical procedures and medicines.

  17. Jane

    I have a general interest in alternative therapies. A lot has been said about wheatgrass extract which can help recovery from stroke. I would be willing to try the preparation instead of orthodox medication to help me recover.

  18. Ravin

    I always believe herbal remedies are closer to nature and our body reacts to it better compared to other medicine. Tip on Wheat gross product us very informative, My granny will be very happy to hear this news.

  19. Brandon A

    You said it! If there’s even a remote chance of herbal remedies playing even a small role in aiding in recovery, why not give it a shot? I believe, just like you, you should do everything in your power to up your chances of a healthy recovery, as long as what you’re doing is safe.

  20. Raul

    This is amazing how herbal remedies can change your health. very well explained. specially case studies and tips

  21. Sandra Harriette

    Wheatgrass has been a good item for improving my skin issues too. It’s a powerful plant.

  22. karen pink

    I have never used a herbal remedy before as I have suspicions of their value. But maybe I should give them a go. Nothing to lose right?

    1. Barbara Gabogrecan Post author

      Of course you are correct – it can do no harm to have a go – as long as the natural remedies are herbal and not from precious animals e.g. tigers!

    1. Barbara Gabogrecan Post author

      Not as far as I know. Though I am not sure where you can find these remedies – I guess start by asking in a health shop. Barb

  23. kaushik dutta

    Dear sir / man
    How can I get your product in India
    Kindly share in below mention number

    1. Barbara Gabogrecan Post author

      It is not my product Kaushik – I have just learnt about it and written the post. Perhaps look it up on Google. Barb

  24. Gluten Free Wheatgrass

    Thanks so much for posting this! It is going to help when I research wheatgrass at the grocery store! Impressive!

  25. Eugene Jayme Escanan

    I”ve been praying for a cure to my 7 yrs left hemiplegia after my stroke in 2006. I was at the pick of my career
    when I got stroke at the age of 37.
    I will look for the wheatgrass extract, use it until I recover and share with other stoke survivors for we experienced all the challenges and burdens of the effect of Stroke in our lives. God Bless us all always!

    1. Barbara Gabogrecan Post author

      Eugene I am so sorry to hear of you and your young ones current medical problems. I have just been appointed as Ambassador to the National Stroke Foundation in Australia. It is so important for all those who have suffered to share their story towards recovery or how they handle an ongoing illness. I will keep you in my prayers. Barb

  26. Manish

    Looking for effective treatment for post stoke complexities in left hand and leg. Chanced upon this video and article.Please advise application and availability in India.


  27. selom amekugee

    please where can i get the produts in afrika in ghana my mother is suffering of stroke since 7 years

    1. Barbara Gabogrecan Post author

      I am so sorry Selom, I do not know. Do you have such shops as ‘Health Food’ shops? If so, they may have wheatgrass or may know where to get it. Go onto the Internet and look up ‘to purchase wheatgrass’ – there may be an online shop that sells it. Hope these suggestions are of help. I am so sorry to hear of your mother – I do hope the disabilities were not too severe – many suffer paralysis of some kind. I was lucky, I did not have any physical disabilities, other than I do lose my balance from time to time.

  28. Dr. Chris Reynolds

    Hello Barbara, and all contributors to your website.
    I think I should clarify a few things about the video above featuring two patients I “treated” with wheatgrass extract topically when I was working as a locum in a small village in Fiji.
    When I applied a small amount of the extract to Boya’s hand, (the man in the video), it was purely an after thought, as I had no anticipation whatsoever that there would be any response. But, as you can see, the outcome was almost incredulous to say the least. My response was the same when the next two applications (over about one week) were applied to Boya’s shoulder and lower leg.
    Since then, I have received more reports, and have witnessed, both successes and failures of response. Very roughly, about 10 failures to 1 partial success, but only formal studies can answer this question.
    It appears to me that in some way the bioactives in wheatgrass “reconnect” some of the sensory and motor nerves damaged by the stroke. In other words, some of these patients do experience some recovery of the brain-damaged area brought about by the stroke, but reconnection with the periphery does not occur – unless, it appears, it has a llittle help.
    This is only a theory, and I may be completely wrong, but it is what appears to be happening.
    I hope this is of some use to anyone visiting this website.
    Dr. Chris Reynolds.
    Medical Practitioner.
    Queensland. Australia.

  29. Twylla smith

    How do and where do I apply this cream today had a stroke 5 years ago will this and physical training help me


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