What Types of Strokes are There?

Typs of StrokesBlood Clots

We normally think of blood clotting as a good thing as blood needs to clot for a wound to heal. However, when a blood clot actually blocks an artery or cuts off blood flow, then a clot is dangerous.

Embolic Stroke

This stroke occurs when a blood clot forms somewhere in the body (usually the heart) and travels through the blood stream to the brain. It gets stuck in the brain and stops blood from getting through.

Thrombotic Stroke

When cholesterol laden plaque builds up on the inner wall of an artery, it can makes the passage so narrow that it can block the blood supply from getting through.

A Bleed in the Brain

There can be a break in the wall of a blood vessel on the brain, leading to a leak which stops the delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

High blood pressure is a common cause of this haemorrhagic stroke. An aneurysm is a weak or thin spot on a blood vessel wall and usually occur at birth; but are not usually detectable until they break, often many years later.

Tips and Hints

A stroke occurs wether from a blood clot or plaque that blocks an artery in the brain; or a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, causing a bleed/ It is essential that you have regular cholesterol and blood pressure check-ups. Treating these conditions is much better than trying to treat a stroke.


The terminology may be difficult to remember or pronounce, but the description of just what happens to the brain to cause a stroke, is easy to understand as the word description is accompanied together with a diagram.

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26 thoughts on “What Types of Strokes are There?

  1. David Fisher

    There may be many types for stroke but hopefully if it happens to you I wish you the best recovery possible. Experience.

  2. Ana B.

    Great rundown of the different types of strokes. Your blog is really helpful for all us who are interested in learning more about stroke prevention and recovery.

  3. Fran

    A lot of people think that only older people can have strokes, but I’ve actually known a few teenagers who had them and because of their age, we didn’t get a proper diagnosis.

  4. Ned Vratski

    One of my family members had a stroke… it was bad I didnt know how to react but thankfully he survived and thanks to your tips and tricks I now know how to react… thanks!

  5. Stephen Panter

    Blood clot obviously is important for us as it prevents the blood escaping the external wounds, if not for this clot then we will bleed to death even with a tiny pin prick. It is a different scenario when the clot takes place internally and the blood supply is blocked and the organs / tissue is starved of oxygen. Thanks for the information and the informative video.

  6. sarah keating

    It is good to know that there are some tests that you can do regularly to monitor your risk for a stroke. Thanks for the information.

  7. james

    Wow this is an insightful article. I honestly really thought that strokes are all just one thing.. I was unaware of the varying and different types that can occur to people. I’ll be going to see my doctor about a cholesterol and blood pressure check up as you noted in your tips. Better to try to prevent than to treat the stroke.

  8. Denise Painter

    I knew that a stroke blocked blood to the brain but not how. I also didn’t know that high blood pressure could cause a stroke. Now that I know this, I will make sure I check my blood pressure every time I go to the drug store where they have the machine. I only do that once in a blue moon now but I will make it a priority!

  9. jaymopols

    It’s so important to read from the tips and hints above the reminder to regularly check your cholesterol level and blood pressure.

  10. Trudy

    I never knew there were different types of strokes. Also, its good to know we can prevent a stroke by rmonitoring cholestrol & blood pressure. Thanks for the informative article!

  11. Chris W.

    My husband’s uncle died suddenly of an aneurysm several years ago. It is too bad that his condition was not discovered early. I am glad to learn that there are so many tests available to prevent strokes.

  12. sikudhani

    a stroke would be a very scary thing to experience. i had no idea that there were different kinds of strokes. i just thought they were all one. very interesting to know, but still very scary.

  13. Chinua

    I actually was not aware that high cholesterol intake could lead to strokes. Last summer I was informed by my doctor that I ate too much red meat and I should cut down. After reading this article I am definitely going to obey those orders!

  14. Sandra Harriette

    I was so scared of blood clots some years ago because of a blood mutation that my mom said was running in the family. I believe that lifestyle and food can do wonders, and I’m still not perfect, having oscillated between pseudo vegetarianism to raw veganism to freeganism (and I now find myself somewhere in between, unhappily).

  15. Elias Delaney

    Wonderful and concise comments. I had very little idea about strokes up until coming across this page. No wonder it’s quite common amongst aged people and widespread. Thanks for the info and the nice video link as well!

  16. Joseph Harding

    Information is really power in this instance. My brother has had blood clots for several years, and to his reluctance, I have been educating him more and more with facts like the ones presented here.

  17. Gabriella Jackson

    The embolism type was the one my father had… I wish he had recovered better… Just goes to show me and my sisters need to watch our cholesterol as we age.

  18. Dylan

    Thank you for sharing this information, my mother had a stroke a while back, and it is good to find information out there just like this.

  19. Vitalia De Novelle

    I appreciate your effort for giving the information. It is absolutely important to know that there are some tests that if regularly done, will monitor the risk of a stroke.

  20. Angel Nelson

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many different variations of strokes! My grandfather just suffered from a stroke recently, although I am not sure of what type. Very informative article.

  21. afroja

    It is a good information. We need everybody to know about strokes because it is very important to your family’s health.

  22. sam ross

    To have a stroke is very hard but to find out what kind of stroke it is and how it may affect you is very important.

  23. Tim C

    This information about the types of strokes there are really taught me a lot about them. It was informative and well presented.


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