What Happened

This Really Happened to Me

Stop SignWhen you run a business; when you write books, build websites, paint; train and mentor others etc., the last thing that crosses your mind is that everything will come to an abrupt stop and you will concentrate on simply surviving.

This image gives you some idea as to what the word ‘stop’ looks like to me now.


Head PainThere was no car accident or risky activity; I had just helped a neighbour train their dog, then prepared lunch, when it hit me!  I suddenly suffered extremely severe facial pain.


Stroke and Brain Tumour

CAT ScanI was taken by ambulance to the local hospital where a CT scan revealed that I had had a stroke, but that was not the worst of it.  They also discovered a brain tumour pressing on the brain stem.


Waking Up to The Shock of My Life

Learning to ReadI was transferred to the neurology department of Monash Hospital, in Melbourne. The pain had gone and I felt normal, it was not until the next day, that I had the shock of my life!  It forced me to acknowledge that I did have a very serious problem.


Birthday CardTwo weeks with a barrage of tests, then one week home – where I had my 67th birthday – then one week in hospital following my brain surgery; the surgeon said to expect to be in hospital and rehab for up to three months, so how lucky was that?  But this took its toll on both me and my family.

I Must Write a Book

WritingRight from the start, I decided to write a book. The title was obvious; ‘Thank God I Had A Stroke’ – because if I hadn’t, we may not have discovered the brain tumour until it was too late. I now suffer from the rare condition of ‘Alexia Without Agraphia’ which made it incredibly difficult to write this book.  I started writing by hand, but eventually I was able to use the computer, which made it easier to make corrections.

Four Wonderful Women

Writing correctionsWhen the manuscript was completed, four wonderful women proof read it for me; Jane, Robyn, Lyn and Anne. It was so valuable to me to have this additional guidance and advice.

To Motivate and Inspire

MotivateWhy did I write this book? I wanted to help others who suffer from a serious illness to understand that the trauma they experience, is not all bad. A great deal of wonderful things came from my experience. As I saw how others coped with their suffering in hospital, I realised how lucky I was.

The Right Attitude

Think PositiveThere is no question in my mind that it is your attitude and your ability to remain positive that will strengthen you, give you courage and help you heal.

The Journey

Barbara GabogrecanShare my journey with me and let me inspire and motivate those of you who may be coping with a serious illness (or perhaps you have a loved one who is trying to cope). Always remember that there are those less fortunate than yourself.  Also remember that what you were and who you are now, remains the same.  I am an artist, author and entrepreneur and I still am – even if a bit slower than I was!


e-bookI signed up with a publishing company in America on 5th June 2012. They will print the books in Melbourne, Australia. They will also produce an ebook and specialise in promoting and marketing the book for me. I launched the book in September 2013.


Excerpt from the book

Find out more about the book

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