There Is Always a Silver Lining in Every Cloud

A silver lining in every cloudThere will often be times when you believe that you have reached the bottom of your despair. But, strangely enough, there is always a silver lining in every black cloud.. Something good always occurs – you just have to be looking for it and grasp it when it appears.

This silver lining is more likely to appear more quickly if you can remain positive. The silver lining is not always that obvious; sometimes you will think that there is absolutely nothing good able to come from this trauma you are experiencing. As long as you have these thoughts, the more likely you are to be correct!

You have to constantly look for the silver lining in every black cloud. It may seem small and of no real importance, but grab it anyway; it is just waiting for you to find it. Perhaps it can even be found in others.

I was fortunate when I suffered from my stroke and brain tumour to be able to find silver linings in a variety of places. Let me tell you how I did this.


Your ability to help and support others may be the very silver lining you need. We tend to look for something that will assist us without realizing that by us helping others, we are in fact helping ourselves to recover and cope.

30 thoughts on “There Is Always a Silver Lining in Every Cloud

  1. Peter

    Looking forward to reading your book. Your attitude to life is remarkable and many of us can learn from you. Keep up you posts – they are inspirational!

  2. Kris Wan

    Every dog has its day. There is always a hope in the despair which gives courage and motivation to struggle for the success.

  3. Lisa Perkins

    You have such an “Amazing” outlook on life and everything that comes along with it….. I’ll be first in line for your book!!!

  4. sarah

    The idea that we can help our own recovery by helping others is such a positive way at looking at things. I loved this post.

  5. James

    I couldn’t agree more. Helping the people around you makes you feel good inside, we should all try to help out because it helps ourselves.

  6. Debbie Boulier

    Me too, I would love to read your book. And yes, there is always a silver lining in that black cloud. Sometimes you just need to be patient and wait for it.

  7. Jack J

    I agree that helping others came be very helpfull to myself as well, and I enjoy doing what I can for other and spending time with them. Really great thinking here, and now I can put a name to it, “silver lining.”

  8. Ana B.

    You’re absolutely right that there is always a silver lining. You’ve shown this clearly: by providing this helpful blog, I’m sure you’re also providing help for yourself by writing things down and interacting with others.

  9. wendy mitchell

    This is exactly how I try to live my own life. I try to see the glass half full instead of half empty. This is a great article.

  10. Chris W.

    Great article! I agree that every challenge we face makes us a stronger and better person. Good often comes from what we perceive as bad and negative experiences often bring us to greater heights.

  11. Tenoch

    I find it interesting that just by helping others you can find the very silver lining that you are looking for.

  12. Abbie Dawne

    You will never go wrong finding the positive in an otherwise negative situation. Things are never as horrible as they first seem!

  13. Kassie

    Great Article! I agree that helping others is wonderful! It fills that void for those that need it and greatly helps our road to healing the long run!

  14. kris heard

    It’s often difficult to look on the positives in a negative situation , but we must attempt to do this to persevere.

  15. Samantha R.

    Some people seem to forget just how good things sometimes get they don’t really see it to later on in life. It’s like that may have happened but it always taught me something and brought me closer to where I am.

  16. rose

    Sometimes I feel that things are going bad in life, and like you indicated…. Hearing the stories of others really puts things in perspective. Cherish what you have.

  17. Kevin

    This article has motivated me. It is needed to improve our life. I agree with your comments. This article will make my life happy.

  18. Jon

    I totally agree with supporting and helping others. It brings you closer together and nothing beats that feeling when you make someone happy.

  19. Lara Mill

    Thinking positive is tough but do it enough, you can make it your lifestyle. There’s always a rainbow at the end of the storm.

  20. Anna

    At times life can seem difficult. Always must look for the positives in life. There is a silver lining to be found even on the horrible days.

  21. Gary R

    I am presently suffering with a chronic illness but I try to Thank God that I am still able to be relatively active and can do things on my own.

  22. bricetester

    That is so true I believe when you just so disappointed and feel the need of someone else assistance, you always realize by helping other make you feel like a silver lining.

  23. sarwarmostafa

    Actually Sometimes you just need to be patient and wait for it.Anyway Looking forward to reading your book. will recommend all my near & dear to read this …


  24. Robbie

    The title says it all – we all have the ability to create our own silver linings. Nothing is luck.


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