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Write a Story About Your Life

Write a StoryIf you are considering writing a book about your journey to recovery after experiencing a serious illness you need to understand that it really doesn’t matter how well your book is written, or how interesting it is, if no one knows about it, you will not make any sales.

Once you write a story about your life, there are a number of things you can do to market and promote your book. You may have a family member or friend help you; you may do it yourself or you may pay to have someone market it for you. This is what I did with the help of my husband Peter when I wrote my book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’.

Make Money Writing – How to Build a Business From Your Adversity

Writing Your StoryWe often read about how people turn a hobby into a business. Sometimes such a business can be very successful; at other times it remains as a hobby but covers the expenses with the income earned from selling the product made. You can make money writing a book or e-book from building on how you coped when facing adversity.

We also often hear of people who have suffered from trauma, being able to turn this often difficult and heart wrenching adversity into something that is both inspirational and motivational. We see it in the disabled Olympics and with so many charitable organisations built around the pain and suffering that has been experienced; often by the loved ones and carers.

Dementia Can Lead To a Total Collapse in the Home Care

DEMENTIAMy mother suffered from Dementia but she wasn’t too bad. She could not remember things from one moment to the next and she would sometimes behave in a childlike manner and have occasional temper tantrums. Sometimes she would even scream abuse at me, but then a short time later would apologise. It must have been sad for her to realise that she acted in this way, as she obviously did know, else she would not have apologised.

But an associate of mine was aged 84 when his beloved wife passed away after suffering severe dementia for some years. He had to feed and dress her but did get some outside help for showers and toilet.

Brain Surgery


Keep Mind BusyMany people who suffer from brain tumours and other medical problems associated with the brain, are often concerned as to whether or not they will still be able to cope with complex thoughts after brain tumour surgery. To assist you with recovery you must understand what you will be experiencing during and after brain surgery and be determined to fight and win the battle you will be facing. It will also assist you if you are able to be patient and keep your mind busy.

Collapsing in Public

Collapsing in publicIt is never fun when you collapse; even at home it can be traumatic. But when you have a health scare and collapse in a public place where no one knows you, the trauma increases notably.

I was actually on the way to a country town where I was to be a guest speaker at an event. I had to change trains one hour into my trip. However, before I got to my first stop, I began to feel ill. I felt that I just had to get to a toilet, so I got off the train one stop before I was meant to.