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Yoga to Help Stroke Recovery

Yoga 2There are many different activities we can do to assist us with stroke recovery, especially when it is the limbs that suffer from some form of paralysis.

A physio therapist is usually the first person that we use to assist us. Sometimes the physio will include working-out in the pool. Hydrotherapy has water hotter than normal and this also helps to loosen muscles and reduce pain.

In this video, the lass who has suffered a stroke is using Yoga in an attempt to get her tendons and muscles working again. The help she is receiving is from a very caring and patient person – another essential quality necessary to relax the patient and make them feel more secure.

Is There a Real Life After Stroke?

Life After StrokeThis video shows how a 19 year old lass handles her stroke and what she has accomplished since suffering a stroke. In Canada 50,000 people suffer from a stroke every year; this means that there is one stroke every 10 minutes. Altogether 315,000 people are affected by a stroke in their family.

This lass could not speak correctly or do maths. Her hope to go to university seemed shattered. Her mother was her ‘rock’ and her full time caregiver. They focussed on rehabilitation to recover. Like many caregivers, her mother could not even imagine how a person could hope to recover if they are on their own.

Can Exercise Reduce the Risk of a Stroke?

From the Centre For Stroke Recovery
Edited by Barbara Gabogrecan

Exercise and strokeWith one in three people in Australia suffering from a stroke, it is essential that we all take what precautions we can to reduce the risk of having a stroke. It is also important to realise that even children can suffer from a stroke.

Babies can have a stroke while still in the womb and last week I met a grandmother whose 2 month old grandchild had a stroke. It is quite common for teenagers and those under the age of 30 to suffer a stroke – it is not just a disease of the elderly.

Recovering From a Severe Stroke

Based on the video of Jan
Edited by Barbara Gabogrecan

RehabilitationAt the age of 31, Jan suffered a severe stroke which badly weakened his right side. It also affected his speech and the video below gives you a great idea of just how he is improving after only one year.

He is excited that he can actually move his wheelchair in a straight line down a hospital corridor. Everything you are able to do after a stroke debilitates you, is something to be elated about.

Wheatgrass Extract – Herbal Assistance For Stroke Patients

Video by Dr Reynolds
Edited into text by Barbara Gabogrecan

Herbal RemedyDr Reynolds has found that wheatgrass extract helps in the healings of wounds and burns; it also can assist with tight tendons and muscles that do not work as they should. He feels that the remarkable change in a patient’s condition, following the use of wheatgrass extract defies explanation.

Dr Reynolds wondered if it would help patients suffering from a stroke or other brain injuries when they do not appear to be recovering their action and joint movement. He has no idea if it would help everyone, but he has certainly had some remarkable success with some of his patients.