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What If You Do Not Survive a Serious Illness?


griefI wrote an article on how important it is to think of others and try to help them, when you are recovering from a serious illness.

This is a reply that I received from Ashley:-

“I agree. To think of helping others not only helps yourself in the healing process after recovery, but in turn you can help others that haven’t finished their journey of recovery.

Everyone always asks ‘why me’ when faced with a serious illness or disease but my girlfriend who battled with cancer for years (and had two small children), never asked that question. Instead she used to say “it was me for a reason”.

When Recovering From Illness, Support is Everything!

supportI have received some fantastic, warm comments in this blog which, in their own way have helped to speed up my recovery. I have decided that I would take one of these comments (by Nicole Evans) and discuss with readers some of the issues raised.

First of all, thank you Nicole for the wonderfully supportive comments that you have made. As my main purpose in writing the book, the blog and undertaking speaking engagements is to share with others the fact that there is still a great life to be had after a serious illness. The fact that you felt that I am “such an inspiration and so generous!” makes me realise that what I have to say can be of assistance.

Share Your Story of Recovery

Story of recovereyWhen we suffer from a serious illness and are fortunate enough to experience a remarkable recovery, it is only natural to want to share your story of recovery with others in an effort to motivate and inspire them during their own personal struggle.

I truly believe that when you set a goal to help others you will actually be helping yourself too. The more you think about caring for others the less time you will spend worrying about your own problems. To be able to motivate and inspire others is a skill that is not too difficult to learn.

Write a Story About Your Life

Write a StoryIf you are considering writing a book about your journey to recovery after experiencing a serious illness you need to understand that it really doesn’t matter how well your book is written, or how interesting it is, if no one knows about it, you will not make any sales.

Once you write a story about your life, there are a number of things you can do to market and promote your book. You may have a family member or friend help you; you may do it yourself or you may pay to have someone market it for you. This is what I did with the help of my husband Peter when I wrote my book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’.

Help Yourself By Helping Others

 Help YourselfThere is no question in my mind that when you think of others, care for them and help them when possible, you will gain a great deal of satisfaction.

But more than a ‘feel good’ sensation, you will also be healing your own wounds. Whether you are recovering from a serious illness or from a marriage break up, you heal faster if you spend more time caring for others.

You can help others wherever you are. Sometimes just being a good listener helps another suffering soul. If you feel confident you may even be able to give some relevant advice.