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Brain Surgery


Keep Mind BusyMany people who suffer from brain tumours and other medical problems associated with the brain, are often concerned as to whether or not they will still be able to cope with complex thoughts after brain tumour surgery. To assist you with recovery you must understand what you will be experiencing during and after brain surgery and be determined to fight and win the battle you will be facing. It will also assist you if you are able to be patient and keep your mind busy.

Collapsing in Public

Collapsing in publicIt is never fun when you collapse; even at home it can be traumatic. But when you have a health scare and collapse in a public place where no one knows you, the trauma increases notably.

I was actually on the way to a country town where I was to be a guest speaker at an event. I had to change trains one hour into my trip. However, before I got to my first stop, I began to feel ill. I felt that I just had to get to a toilet, so I got off the train one stop before I was meant to.

Building an Online Business When Recovering from Illness

Online businessIf you ran a business before you suffered your serious illness, you will probably find that the business suffered particularly if you were the sole operator of a home based business. However, if you are building an online business, then the chances of you being able to keep it running while recovering from an illness, greatly increases.

No doubt, like me, you wondered if you would ever be able to run your business again. Of course, this can depend on just how serious your illness was and what disabilities you were left with.

Is Hospital Food Service Something You Can Feel Confident About?

hospital foodI don’t know of anyone who actually likes hospital food. It is usually cold and tasteless. And of course it is seldom the type of food that you are used to or like. If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in hospital for a number of days you are bound to be disappointed with hospital food service.

Some hospitals do not even have a kitchen. Frozen food is delivered to them and it is heated for the patients. At least this food is usually hot even if tough and tasteless. Many hospitals do not offer you a choice of food either; too bad if you don’t like what is being offered. If the hospital does not have a kitchen, morning and afternoon tea may not be offered offered either.

How to Promote your Book

Promote your bookWriting a book takes a lot of time and energy. Then having it edited, having the cover designed and finally having it published, take a lot of time, effort and money! Once all this is accomplished you are about half way there.  Now comes the huge task of marketing and promoting your book. Knowing how to promote your book can sometimes be more difficult than writing the book!

To successfully market your book you must decide just who your target market is. Who do you think would be interested in buying and reading your book? If it is a business book you will want to target business owner/operators. If it is a children’s book, it will have to appeal to children, but your target market is the parents.