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How to Pace Yourself When Recovering From a Serious Illness

Pace YourselfIf you have suffered from a serious illness you will probably struggle at first just to be able to manage normal tasks such as bathing and preparing meals. You will find it very difficult to pace yourself if you run a business, or have a hobby you are very involved with, or look after active children.

As you get stronger though, you will gradually manage to do more and more. Depending on your disabilities (are they physical or mental), they will dictate just how much you will be able to do.

Families Working Together and staying Sane While Coping With Illness!

Working TogetherIf you run a home based business and you live and work with your family, in the same building, then there is a vary real chance that you will go insane! My husband and I have worked together for years; it has literally taken years for us to work out how to run a business together and still remain in love. It takes a special effort for families working together, but finally my husband and I seem to have worked out the perfect way to ‘work and play’ without friction and stress.

Having Patience Is Essential When Waiting For a Medical Check Up at Public Hospitals

Have PatienceIt is great to know that a medical team keeps a check on you throughout your recovery and for some years after a serious illness. You need to know how you are going and if there are any problems associated with you previous illness. But when your check ups are scheduled, having patience is essential, as the waiting times in public hospitals can be horrendous.

But getting through the waiting time to see your doctor is very trying. You can expect to be waiting for at least 2 hours.

Caregivers Stress Increases When The Caregiver is Also Ill

Caregivers stressI know just how important my husband was to me after I had my stroke and brain tumour. He was a wonderful caregiver. But we seem to fluctuate between being ill and being caregivers, making our caregivers stress greatly heightened.

I was the caregiver to my 90 year old mum who was nearly blind, suffered from dementia and was on a walker as she had a hip replacement and just refused to do exercises. She also had cancer of the uterus and bowel cancer and had lived with me since my father committed suicide 28 years ago.

Problems Working From Home; Relating to Health Issues

Health Issues & BusinessI was really chuffed when I was commissioned to paint a large wall mural for a Heritage Listed building and was able to complete it after suffering both a stroke and a brain tumour. There is no doubt that a serious illness can create huge problems working from home.

Receiving this commission certainly gave a boost to my confidence. Because I was slower than normal, I decided to make short videos of each step so that the client could see the work in progress and not fret about the length of time it was taking me. This worked sensationally as the client sent the link to all her clients and ended up getting more work from old clients because they were so intrigued by the videos.