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The Stroke Foundation Leads the Way in Encouraging and Rewarding Recovering Patients

The Stroke Foundation is aware that patients suffer a great deal of physical, mental and emotional trauma and quickly lose confidence, after suffering from a stroke. They were also aware that some patients tend to recover more quickly than others and wondered why this was so.

It seemed that many of those recovering quickly did so because of the confidence they experienced when taking on creative skills, such as painting, music and writing. To encourage more patients to take on these challenges and to reward those who had done so, they decided to create the Stroke Foundation Creative Award.

Brain Tumour Alliance Australia and National Stroke Foundation

Adelaide_222_350This week has celebrated World Stroke Day and during the last couple of weeks BTAA (Brain Tumour Alliance Australia) held ‘Hat’ days to bring awareness to their association and to those they care for; sufferers of brain tumours.

Rotary also was promoting mental health awareness with a Hat day (see photo below). As I have suffered from both a stroke and a brain tumour, I want to support both associations. I must admit I did not approach either for the first two years after my illness, but now, as I have made a remarkable recovery, I want to support all groups that are trying to bring awareness and support to those who have suffered from these two life threatening illnesses.

The Stroke Foundation of Australia

Written by Barbara Gabogrecan, stroke victim

Stroke FoundationIt is just over two years since I had my stroke and brain tumour removal. But it was not until recently that I became aware of the associations that could assist me.

Today is World Stroke Day and the Stroke Foundation of Australia is asking us all to write to our Federal MP asking for the Federal Government to fund the National Action Plan for Stroke. You would probably be aware of the great TV ads that the Stroke Foundation ran, telling people how to recognise symptons of a stroke that a loved one may be experiencing.

Overcoming Depression From Setbacks, When Recovering From a Serious Illness, Can be Tough

By Barbara Gabogrecan

overcoming depressionIt is difficult enough to accept that you have a serious illness, like cancer, stroke or a brain tumour; but when you have to face setbacks, overcoming depression can be your real challenge. The good news is that this type of depression is more likely to be a ‘feeling’ rather than a chemical problem. If it continues and you can’t talk yourself out of it, seek medical assistance.

I find that when the feeling of depression begins to overwhelm you, it is important to be active. Doing something constructive with your body and your mind, can certainly provide a strong solution.

Write a Story About Your Life

Write a StoryIf you are considering writing a book about your journey to recovery after experiencing a serious illness you need to understand that it really doesn’t matter how well your book is written, or how interesting it is, if no one knows about it, you will not make any sales.

Once you write a story about your life, there are a number of things you can do to market and promote your book. You may have a family member or friend help you; you may do it yourself or you may pay to have someone market it for you. This is what I did with the help of my husband Peter when I wrote my book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’.