Survival and Recovery

My Personal Trauma

Stroke Book GraphicI suffered from a stroke and a brain tumour simultaneously (even though they were not connected at all). The stroke was relatively mild but I have been left with the rare condition of ‘Alexia without Agraphia’ which simply means that I cannot read, but can write. I also find it difficult to recall certain words, names and numbers. Apparently this is all connected with the part of the brain that was damaged, leaving me unable to read.

But my ability to think clearly and logically has not been impaired. I am still creative (I am an artist and author) and my motor skills were not affected (other than poor balance).

However, the brain tumour (even though not malignant) was indeed life threatening as it was pressing the brain stem out of alignment. If it had not been found when undergoing the tests for the stroke, I may not have survived another month.

Consequently I wrote a book titled ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’. The title is obvious. Even though I had set myself a huge challenge because I could not read, I really did not know just how tough it was going to be. My wonderful husband read each page to me as I wrote it and would have read the entire manuscript at least 40 times as I made changes and corrections.

The Main Aspects to Ensure Recovery

There is no question that everyone suffers differently when they are coping with a serious illness. Some disabilities are more severe than others, but in all cases, recovery seems to depend on three things:-

  1. The support of family
  2. The medical team looking after you
  3. Your own determination and ability to think positively

This blog is designed to help both those suffering with a serious illness and their caregivers, by sharing with them just how to handle the shock and despair of discovering that you have a serious medical problem and by giving ideas on how to be positive during such a traumatic time in their lives.

Tips and Hints

Most of the posts will have a ‘Tips and Hints’ section at the end of them to give readers some ‘food for thought’ and perhaps help them with a different perspective to what they have experienced during their time of suffering.

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