Should I Call An Ambulance?


Should I Call an Ambulance

Should I Call an Ambulance

There may be many occasions in your life time when you wonder if you should call an ambulance for either yourself or your loved ones. There are some real concerns that make people not want to call the ambulance:-
1. If you do not have cover an ambulance can be very expensive.
2. You do not think the medical symptoms are really bad enough to call an ambulance.
3. If you are taken to hospital you can be assured that you will be in the emergency department for a long period of time.

On the other hand you may be more seriously ill than you think. It is much better to find out quickly if the problem is serious and have medical attention, than to leave it until you are much worse and the symptoms can no longer be easily remedied.

Paramedics will not take you to the hospital unless they think it is necessary. Of course, you can decline. But that would be a very foolish thing to do. It is better to waist some time at the hospital if it is not serious, rather than ignore something that is potentially life threatening and needs attention quickly.

If you do not have ambulance cover, then go to the emergency ward by car.  If you are on an old age pension, then you are automatically covered for ambulance attention.

I did not want my husband to call an ambulance for me, but he did so anyway. It turned out that I had two serious illnesses and one was definitely life threatening.

Pay for ambulance cover. It is not that expensive and when you need an ambulance you will not have to worry about the cost.

2 thoughts on “Should I Call An Ambulance?

  1. Peter

    When you are seriously ill and need an ambulance, you often think that you don’t need one – that “it”, whatever it is, will pass. It is always best to err on the side of caution when dealing with our own health or that of our loved ones. The Paramedics are great and can assess you quickly to see if you need hospitalisation. Don’t argue with them! You may not get a second chance.

  2. Ven

    The last thing on my mind would be the cost of an ambulance. Always had cover, and always want to be re-assured that I can get to hospital if needed.


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