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Story of recovereyWhen we suffer from a serious illness and are fortunate enough to experience a remarkable recovery, it is only natural to want to share your story of recovery with others in an effort to motivate and inspire them during their own personal struggle.

I truly believe that when you set a goal to help others you will actually be helping yourself too. The more you think about caring for others the less time you will spend worrying about your own problems. To be able to motivate and inspire others is a skill that is not too difficult to learn.

There are a number of ways that you can share your story. You can write a book, take place in radio interviews, speak at appropriate group functions, develop a video, use your social media to get your message out there and source others that you can help you. Often you can do the latter by contacting health organisations related to the health issues that you have recovered from. There are council supported organisations and specialist groups for various serious illnesses, such as the National Stroke Foundation of Australia and the Brain Tumour Alliance Australia (BTAA).

Whatever marketing and promotion method you decide to use, you would also benefit greatly by having a website and/or a blog to further promote what it is you are doing.

Also consider having a major launch for your book. There is no reason why you cannot have more than one launch and book signing. Place a video of the launch on You Tube and embed it onto your website. Have a photo gallery and direct all of those who appear in the photos to your website to view how you have included them in your promotion. They in turn will look (bringing traffic to your website) and possibly tell others as well.

Share your story of recovery and help others who may also be suffering from a major illness. They and their caregivers want to know how to cope with the demons they have to face and are looking for inspiration to motivated them. Your story may really help them.

Hints and Tips

Don’t be too self centered when you are recovering from an illness. Think about helping others who are also suffering a similar adversity. Share your story and make sure as many people as possible hear it and can be inspired by it. Those of us who recover from a serious illness should be ambassadors to others wanting help on their pathway to recovery.

Barbara Gabogrecan sharing her thoughts

26 thoughts on “Share Your Story of Recovery

  1. Ana B.

    I agree that those who have overcome a serious illness should reach out to others in any way that they can. You never know who you could help and who could gain courage from your story.

  2. Chris W.

    I have always believed that by helping others we help ourselves. A friend of mine always said that if you feel bad then go bake a cake for someone else. It will make you feel better. I have tried the philosophy, and it works!

  3. Yusuf Ali

    I’ve got a different take on your comments. I think it really depends on what stage the person is at recovery and I think earlier on, they MUST be self-centred and focus on themselves. Otherwise, you don’t really get to the finish line as efficiently as possible, or not get there at all. I say take your time, share when you can, and broadcast to the world once ready! =]

  4. Daniel D

    A lot of therapists recommend doing this because it lets you get it out of your system and let you be objective. It also helps to share it with other people.

  5. Lisa Perkins

    I’m not real big on the “social” aspect of sharing my misfortunes with the world, but occasionally,,, It’s really nice being able to vent to a good friend every once in awhile.

    1. Barbara Gabogrecan

      You know Lisa – it is not really sharing your misfortunes; it is thinking enough of others to share your story. Sure, some will feel sorry for you, but more will feel grateful that you have thought enough of them to share. Sharing not only helps you, it helps your friends and loved ones cope too.
      Warm wishes, Bar.

  6. Austin

    This a very well written article, showing that your sense of adversary can be placed into your recovery story as well as helping others.

  7. Nick Miller

    A friend of mine showed me a book she wrote detailing how she overcame severe food allergies and the program she developed for herself that helped her heal. I read it not long ago and made some suggestions to her since it was over 300 pages that it could be abbreviated and updated since it was written some time ago. She really wants to help people with this and was even interviewed on the radio. I’m hoping to help her get this out – thanks for reminding me to get out there and spread the word.

  8. kris

    What an uplifting article. As someone who has spent a great deal of time in the hospital, I agree that we can often only worry about ourselves and forget the stress and worry that our loved ones must deal with at the same time. I find that having some perspective and trying to think about them helps a great deal.

  9. Joanne

    I am with you that if you suffer from a serious illness and are fortunate enough to experience a remarkable recovery, you should share your story of recovery with others because it motivates and inspires them.

  10. Ashley Tello

    I agree it not only helps yourself in the healing process after recovery but in turn you can help others that haven’t finished their journey of recovery. Everyone always asks why me when faced with serious illness or disease but my girlfriend who battled with cancer for years and had two small children never asked that question, instead she used to say it was me for a reason. Somehow she believed that her illness would help others whether it was people she met and inspired to stay strong during treatment and recovery. Of course you never want to leave your children at such a young age but before she passed she said that she hoped it was all for a reason and even though she was sad she wouldn’t be there for her kids she wanted them to grow up and want to help others too, either by becoming a doctor or hopefully trying to find a cure. We should all have such an inspiring outlook on life and if we are lucky enough to have recovered from a tragic illness or injury, look to help others that could really use your experience in a positive way.

    1. Barbara Gabogrecan

      I was really touched by your story Ashley. Your girlfriend must have been such a strong lady – you must have been so proud of her. In your grief you are still able to see that there must have been a reason. I am not sure how close you are to her children, but I hope that you can encourage them to constantly look for that reason as they grow older. Have you thought of writing a book? I feel that you have a lot to say that could heelp others. My very warm wishes to you. Barb

  11. joyfulone

    It’s always encouraging to hear from others who have gone through similar circumstances. It gives hope in overcoming the problem and reassurance that someone else understands.

  12. Moises G.

    groups of people who have gone through the same thing can support themselves in their recovery. I think it’s essential to share your story, not only to help everyone else but it’s also another healing method for yourself.

  13. Samantha R.

    Everything we go through seems that we can always relate with others and sharing our story just helps make us closer to those we wouldn’t even expect.

  14. Raul

    People will tell you how can you get yourself treated what medicines you can take but very few of them will actualy advise you the how to take yourself on the path of positive recovery. this article emphasised on the healing process and its amazing the way it has been describled.


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