Personal Goal Setting Can Speed Recovery


Personnel Goal; Setting

When we are struck by a serious illness all we can do initially is to think about how to survive. We have to cope with pain, fear, anxiety, depression and a sense of the unknown. Yet midst all of this we have to cope day by day and personnel goal setting can help tremendously.

There is no question in my mind that setting goals (no matter how small) is the key to recovery. It may be as simple as being able to walk 20 steps, or go to the bathroom unaided. It may be that you can eat a small meal or hold a conversation with a loved one.

As your health improves your goals can be larger and more complex. Preparing a meal for the family by yourself, doing the shopping, doing the laundry etc. Then you may go even further; attending a meeting, writing in your social media, reading, writing a letter – and so it goes on.

By personnel goal setting each day, each week, each month. You will feel good when you are able to reach your goals and feeling good (and positive) will help you to cope and recover more quickly. Get your family to help you reach your goals – if they are not even aware that you have a goal, they may actually try to stop you from doing something e.g. “I will cook the meal – you stay and rest’.

One goal I have set myself is to speak to organisations about my ordeal and hopefully enthuse and encourage others who may also be suffering, or are caregivers looking after ill loved ones.

You may like me to speak to a group that you are in contact with.


Create goals for yourself as soon as possible after you have discovered that you have a serious illness. Keep a record of the goals set and when you reach them. Give yourself a huge, mental ‘pat on the back’ each time you meet a goal. You deserve it!

30 thoughts on “Personal Goal Setting Can Speed Recovery

  1. Ven

    I find goal setting works well in business life as well as in personal life. It’s a great way to ensure you hit your targets.

  2. Kris Wan

    Personal goal setting really works, not only in your professional but also in your personal life. Goal setting helps you to be organized and work effectively.

  3. Lisa Perkins

    You hit it right on the head with this article…… I read your work before, as have many others as well!! Your words are very healing in themselves!!!

  4. Debbie Boulier

    Goal setting applies to everyday life, just so the goals aren’t so high they can’t be reached. One day at a time, that’s my goal sometimes and believe it or not I make it through!

  5. Jack J

    I have always used setting goals to help myself in life. I would feel helpless without goals and definately suggest trying to set goals if you don’t and have a lot of trouble in life.

  6. Ana B.

    Goal-setting is really helpful: I agree. Even if the goal is small, you should always give yourself a congratulations for meeting it.

  7. wendy mitchell

    I agree with Ven. If you can start off with small goals it will keep you motivated and on track. You can then see the progress your making and continue forward.

  8. Kabir Ali

    Personal Goal setting is helping my future plan. I interested in engineering sector. So my personal goal how to build up engineering career. This article is good.

  9. Chris W.

    I agree that setting goals is a wonderful way to cope with an illness. It gives you a purpose and the will to fight on. Not to mention, achieving those goals gives a great sense of accomplishment.

  10. Tenoch

    For me personally goal setting is very helpful. Therefore, I agree that you should set goals even if they are small and when you meet these goals you should congratulate yourself.

  11. jeff fisher

    Great read. I actually do this and (set goals for myself) and its actually a great help tactic that has improved my life.

  12. Abbie Dawne

    I agree that setting goals is an important step in helping you to feel alive and accomplished during a struggle (physical or mental).

  13. Kassie

    like the previous article on helping others, personal goal setting is wonderful for your health! It gives you something to strive for and can boost memory loss greatly, since you would be training your brain!

  14. kris heard

    Excellent advice. Setting small goals allows us to overcome great trials and achieve our goal of renewed health.

  15. Samantha R.

    This is so true. Knowing that you accomplished something gives you more reason to keep going and proving to yourself that you can do it.

  16. rose

    Love the advise. Goals really do help in life. With the most difficult things to the daily things. Great article.

  17. frankrob

    according to my experience about post stroke patient, to be himself or herself without anybody help is the goal. with this condition wil make the spirit to recovery increased and going better…and…better

  18. Kevin

    If we wish to shine in our life. We need to personal Goal setting. It is help me very much. This article is appreciate for me.

  19. Jon

    When you have a serious illness some of the simple tasks you do don’t seem like much of an achievement. But all of these are little win’s and completing them is a perfect excuse to treat yourself!

  20. Lara Mill

    I agree completely with goals – have big ones and small ones. The big ones are like milestones while the smaller ones help you to get to your milestones. Ensure that you write these down and check off the goals once completed. It’s always a nice feeling to physically your accomplishments, no matter how big or small.

  21. Anna

    Goals are extremely important. If there are no goals set how can you work towards anything. Start setting small goals and progress to a more important goal during the year.

  22. Gary R

    Although I have a chronic respiratory illness I attempt to maintain a strict exercise routine where I lift weights, use a treadmill and other activities. This keeps me in a positive frame of mind and protects my longevity.

  23. bricetester

    Organizing your time really help you waisting time blaming yourself of things that you should accomplish or not totally agree with this article!

  24. sarwarmostafa

    Goals are extremely important. Personal goal setting really works, not only in your professional but also in your personal life. It’s a great way to ensure you hit your targets


  25. Robbie

    I completely agree, goal setting will definitely help speed recovery. It gives something to aim for.


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