Recovering From a Severe Stroke

Based on the video of Jan
Edited by Barbara Gabogrecan

RehabilitationAt the age of 31, Jan suffered a severe stroke which badly weakened his right side. It also affected his speech and the video below gives you a great idea of just how he is improving after only one year.

He is excited that he can actually move his wheelchair in a straight line down a hospital corridor. Everything you are able to do after a stroke debilitates you, is something to be elated about.

Jan is learning to speak, one word at a time. Eventually he can put a sentence together. It seems as though one of the difficulties with speaking is being able to recall the word or the thought that you want.

This is a minor problem for me three years after a stroke. If I cannot recall a word I either have to talk around it or sit quietly and wait for it to come to me. Sometimes I just move onto something else and suddenly it comes to me, out of the blue, so to speak.

I certainly did not have a stroke as severe as what Jan suffered and for that I am eternally grateful. I did suffer some balance problems, but again, Jan really struggled with his walking as his feet would move across each other or twist to throw him off balance. I was so pleased when I stopped running into walls!

Jan now understands what is being said to him very well, but will struggle for some time with free speaking, I would think. He loves his IPad and likes playing games. No doubt this also helps the paralysis in his right hand. I did not suffer from any paralysis.

Tips and Hints

There is no question that Jan has an amazing spirit and wonderful support. He remains positive and looks quite relaxed. Not fretting about what you cannot do and working hard to improve your skills is so very important.


You will feel for this young guy and what he has gone through and continues to go through. But at the same time you cannot but help to feel in awe of his wonderful approach to his problem.

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25 thoughts on “Recovering From a Severe Stroke

  1. arsuk

    People won’t choose death out of live and death. Because they want their live in any cost. Even they are betrayed the lover one. So that Is in normal sense so if anybody in sever stroke they need to be proper hints and talking about the positive this is right the article is all about this.

  2. Ana B.

    Jan is admirable and i’m glad he’s making a recovery, slowly but surely. I agree that a person should focus on improving their skills, instead of what they can’t do, when they are recovering.

  3. Ann B

    It’s always unfortunate to hear of a stroke in so young. But at the same time, it is inspiring to hear of Jan and how far he has come. As the article mentioned, not being stressed and working hard are keys to success both in stroke patients and in life in general.

  4. sarah keating

    Such a young age to suffer something so severe. It must be so frustrating not to be able to put together the words that you want to say. But it’s true what you say that fretting about it too much isn’t worth it.

  5. sikudhani

    you are very brave and very strong. god bless you and stay strong. having a stroke is a very scary thing and i’m glad that you are still here with the rest of us.

  6. Debbie Boulier

    Initially when a person has a stroke I believe it’s only human nature to just want to give up. But with support and a lot of work recovery will happen. Once the patient sees that he/she is starting to get better and not worry about things they cannot do, recovery will be even faster.

  7. Chris W.

    It is wonderful that Jan is so relaxed and positive about his recovery. I am sure that his positive outlook will allow him to make great strides. I am sure that every accomplishment is a victory.

  8. Jamison

    The human spirit is a remarkable thing! Compared to others he could have every right to be angry, but it’s apparent he is facing life with humor and determination!

  9. caitlin

    Very inspiring story. I have great respect for anyone dealing with the aftermath of a stroke.

  10. james

    This is an inspiring article. You’re right, there is nothing you can do in this situation but keep a positive mind set a set small goals for yourself to reach.

  11. Patrick Wirtz

    Good for Jan. He has everything he needs to move forward with his recovery and life. Right from the first few seconds of the video and he gave the thumbs up, I knew he had the right mindset and attitude! All the best to him!

  12. Austin

    What an amazing story, and a true testament to Jan’s strength and willpower for those who have just suffered from serious medical illnesses.

  13. Mike Teberio

    I have had many family members deal with some bad strokes and there are many ways too try and get over them but some people just aren’t that lucky because they get too severe . There is some great tips and hints in this article for people who are going through this same type of problem can’t wait too read up on more !!!

  14. Jones

    My uncle recovered from a severe stroke and it was one of the hardest things he’s done in his life. It’s good to be around family and friends during those times for support. Good luck to anyone in a similar situation.

  15. Raul

    It is very important to not to loose your spirit, and should always find a way to fight the odds, learn what you can do if the key for stroke patients.

  16. Tim Browne

    You’re exactly right! Stressing yourself out over things that are out of your control is not a good way to spend your time and live your life. As you said, focusing all your time and energy on bettering yourself and learning how to move forward with your life is extremely important.

  17. Gary R

    With any type of severe ailment or injury it is imperative that the individual try to maintain a positive outlook. While this is never easy to accomplish it could be a life-saver as your mental state must remain strong & determined.

  18. Danny

    By posting a video to broadcast how well he is doing and what he has overcome, it definitely speaks volumes about how being optimistic can do wonders. If you focus on the negatives and the inabilities, it will only worsen the mood.

  19. Jane

    My Grandmother recently had a stroke. I am in the process with helping her recover. I intend to show her this article which may offer some terrific insight.


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