Problems Working From Home; Relating to Health Issues

Health Issues & BusinessI was really chuffed when I was commissioned to paint a large wall mural for a Heritage Listed building and was able to complete it after suffering both a stroke and a brain tumour. There is no doubt that a serious illness can create huge problems working from home.

Receiving this commission certainly gave a boost to my confidence. Because I was slower than normal, I decided to make short videos of each step so that the client could see the work in progress and not fret about the length of time it was taking me. This worked sensationally as the client sent the link to all her clients and ended up getting more work from old clients because they were so intrigued by the videos.

I received a number of orders for silk product from my online catalogue while I was actually in hospital. My husband told them what had happened to me and offered to refund their money. They all said “no” and said they would wait until I was well enough to do the paintings. I am sure they had no idea how this sped up my recovery. I was so anxious to complete the orders that I ‘willed’ myself to get better.

I did not try to complete a painting in one attempt as I used to. I would only paint for an hour at a time and even then, stopped every 10 minutes and did some stretching exercises. My shoulders and back were feeling the pressure of long periods of time on my feet, bending over the screen and holding my arm steady as I drew and painted on the silk.

I knew I was getting my ‘act together’ again when I decided to develop an online silk painting course. It took off like a rocket and I now have a number of students from around the world. It was so good to know that I could still think and act as an entrepreneur in less than two years after the stroke.

I had a short video made a few months after the stroke, of me telling the beginning of my story. At first I was concerned that I may forget a word (this was part of the Alexia  problem I now had) or lose track of what I was saying. So it was a test of my ability to speak fluently. It worked well and it now has over 37,000 viewers on You Tube and is listed on page one for the keyword ‘stroke recovery’.

The next real test for my ability to speak came when I was invited to speak at a Liberal Party event for the Menzies Research Centre. I was one of six presenters which included Tony Abbot the leader of the opposition. When individuals came up to congratulate me on my talk, I knew that I could cope with public speaking again.

My philosophy is now “I can do whatever I want to, I just have to figure out how.” Being confident, optimistic, caring, determined and concentrating on what I could do (rather than on what I could no longer do), all went towards making my recovery a speedy and successful one.

Problems working from home did not seem so huge anymore. By being able to accept my disabilities and still feel worthwhile and a useful member of society, as well as still being able to run my businesses, is something I will always be grateful for. In my book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’ I explain in more detail just how I was able to get back into a productive lifestyle. It was so good to hear that folk who read my book found it both inspirational and interesting. You can too, if you really want to!

Tips and Hints

Don’t think that your world as you knew it is over. Concentrate on getting back to do what it was that you loved doing, Accept that you may have to do them differently, but feel confident that you will still be productive and can lead a rewarding life. If you really want to, you will be able to.

26 thoughts on “Problems Working From Home; Relating to Health Issues

  1. Jane

    From my personal experience it is vital to remain optimisc during periods of ill health. Sure at times life can seem unpleasant however you must try and find the positives in life. Surround yourself with happy people and try and develop interests that act as a diversion.

  2. Jack

    Yes, I feel that it is very important to get back to the things you love doing, even if you have to do them differently. Do not give up hope and try to stay positive even if things are very tough at first.

  3. Tavia

    I totally can sympathize with this. I went through a period of thinking I’d be confined to my bed for the rest of my life. But then I learned that just because I’m sick, doesn’t mean I have to stop living.

  4. Debbie Boulier

    Getting back to as normal as you can really would be beneficial for anyone suffering a stroke and/or a brain tumor. It could be a long road and very frustrating at times but I believe all of the perseverance will pay off.

  5. Matt

    It’s so true. After my accident and subsequent health issue, feeling sorry for myself was NOT an option. I of course had to shift my lifestyle around, but mentally I was just as strong as before. Coping skills are essential to become productive again.

  6. Fred

    You are an amazing person with strength and compassion. Sometimes the problem with recovery is remembering WHO you were as this is a very personal thing. Many thanks for sharing your experience. A rewarding life is important to us all.

  7. Nicky Evans

    I am, as always, so impressed by your positive attitude and willingness to share your journey with us all. You give a very personal and poignant insight into how someone can move on from such a devastating illness. I love your tips and your words of wisdom… today’s quote will be used in my diary and hopefully serve me as a reminder that i, too, CAN achieve things even if i have to change my approach a little (or a lot).

  8. Lisa Perkins

    You are such an inspiration to all of us, especially the ones who have suffered through or who are currently suffering through Illness at this time!!!

  9. Debra Owens

    I know your positive outlook and love of life has also helped you
    fight through this horrible disease. I know you are an inspiration to many!

  10. Kristina

    Thanks for your inspirational words. Getting back to doing what I loved to do before I was sick has been very theraputic. It gives me some purpose in life and takes my mind off what is wrong with me health wise.

  11. Heather Jones

    This article is very inspiring. It goes to show, if you dedicate yourself to something, no matter the obstacle you can get through it.

  12. Dan Reid

    Completely agree that you can continue to do what you love but through different forms. I myself continue to be in IT but just doing the job from a different space. With the age of the Internet, I can perform my duties from the comfort of my own home, and I’m actually more efficient than ever whilst reducing the overhead of my company!

  13. wendy mitchell

    I can relate, as I work from home due to a disability. There are days I can barely get out of bed, let alone try to do work. It helps to go at your own pace.

  14. Shane

    Wow, very uplifting and motivating advice, that advice made my day. It’s always nice to have a positive message to lift you up. 🙂

  15. Kimberly D

    This was a truly inspiring article. It really makes you sit back and think about life and what can happen. I hope all is well with you and keep doing what you are doing.

  16. jeffrey

    No doubt the extra ordinary courage you have displayed to overcome your daily difficulty due to personal illness has inspired many who are in the same shoes as you , having a never give up spirit and a positive attitude will no doubt shape your future ahead. Keep up your optimism view and outlook!

  17. Kris H

    What an amazing article. I know that if I ever had a medical issue which affected my working that I would attempt to remain confident and productive member of society.

  18. Chris W.

    I love your optimism and “can do” attitude. You really inspire me to try new things. I also love how your clients were such a motivation for you to recover. It was wonderful that they were so patient with you, and it was great that the desire to fulfill their orders sped up your recovery!

  19. Ana B.

    I agree with this article — it’s important to get back to work and not just give up when you’re recovering. Congratulations on your mural!

  20. Samantha R.

    When going through such stress but wanting to still be able to work at home it’s always good to have family members by your side. So those days your just not feeling up to it they can help you pick up the slack. It’s best to have ones where it’s at your pace but unfortunately some don’t have that option.


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