Past Presentations

The feedback received from attendees confirmed that Barbara was able to get her message of recovery across to a wide range of Health Professionals at her recent talk at Stawell Hospital.

Stawell Hospital_01_150“Barbara was excellent!”

“What a wonderful and inspirational woman!”

“Barbara gave an inspiring presentation on how to overcome a serious illness and covered information that Health Professionals can reflect upon and utilise when working with patients recovering from a stroke.

It was a rare opportunity to hear the journey to recovery from a patient’s point of view. Barbara and Peter make a wonderful team and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering booking them to speak at their events.”

Belinda Browne, Event Co-ordinator, Grampians Medicare Local

Sale Hospital HEAL Presentation 14 May 2014_02_150“The feedback received (from attendees) was that you provided an interesting talk; covering information that health professionals can reflect upon and utilise as individuals and as professionals working in the health industry.”

Janelle Stewart – Clinical Educator for Sale Hospital

Comments By Medical Attendees

  • “It was a great outlook from a sincere patient – thank you”
  •  “It was good to see the story from a patient’s point of view and good to hear about her experiences”
  •  “Very valuable learning from a patient’s point of view”
  •  “Good presentation – thank you”
  •  “Good to hear the patient’s own story”

Quality of Presentation

76% thought the presentation met 100% of the attendee’s expectations

“I read your book – in bed over 2 nights.  Very moving and very stimulating.  I have recommended it to several other people”.

Frances Foster – Rosedale Library

Maffra Library_01_1200“Inspiring” is the one word that many have used to describe your talk.  Plain and simple in your approach, you have a special way of articulating the profound influence your experience has had on your life and the lives of others around you. What is most impressing is your capacity to bounce back in the best way you know how and by sharing with others a positive way forward.  Pure gold!


Rosedale Library_01_250Your husband is an absolute gem – very precious and we thank him for supporting you also in so many ways.  Thank you for enriching the lives of others – we wish you both well on your journey through life.

Jeanette Moore   Coordinator Library Services Wellington Shire