Open Your Heart and Feel Good

Open Your HeartI recently red a statement in a great set of posts by Nat Smith “the things we do not like about others is probably what we do not like about ourselves”. This statement has set itself like stone in my mind. I like to think that to open your heart to all around you and show compassion and understanding to others, is a great way to improve yourself.

In my book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’ I told a story of a woman who suffered from Multiple Scoliosis and made the lives of other patients and staff very difficult. Even though I felt sorry for her with such a terrible illness, I was not kind to her in my book.

Now I am thinking – “Are some of the things she was doing that annoyed us, what I do myself?” I really do not think so, but I am still wondering…….

The truly wonderful people who can open their heart to receive as well as give are people I aspire to. While suffering my illness I was so thankful for the considerate and loving attention I received from my loved ones and friends. I was truly grateful.

Now my husband is recovering from a total knee replacement and is in a lot of pain and needs a lot of attention. Sometimes I feel that I am a little short with him and do not sound as carting as what I should. I have to think more of him and less on what I want to get done and what my own interests and needs are. He has to come first!

When you open your heart you will not only feel like a better person; you will be a better person. Illness can bring out the best and the worst in us. It is up to us to ensure that the ‘best’ is what shines through.

Tips and Hints
Think of others before you worry about your own needs. Show consideration, kindness and understanding to your fellow patients and the medical staff and both you and they will feel better.

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