My Stroke Recovery Led Me to Build My Business

Stroke RecoverySome people say actually writing a book is the easy part. It is the marketing and selling of the book that is challenging. When I wrote my book on my stroke recovery, titled ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’ I had intentionally made a huge impact with my initial marketing procedure; I simply gave it a title that captured everyone’s attention.

So think hard about what title you are going to give your book. Keep it short and to the point. Try to give it a sense of drama or make it controversial. By giving it a ‘double meaning’ or if it is an oxymoron, you are more likely to capture the potential reader’s attention and interest which in turn can lead to a sale of the book.

It is pretty pointless hoping that book stores will sell your book. More and more book stores are closing down and more and more people are writing books. The best you can expect is for the book store to list your book so that if someone comes in and requests your book, they can check on their computer and if it is listed, they can order it in for the customer. This is really a horrific way to sell a book! So how do you sell your book?

The obvious answer is via the Internet. But there is another very successful way. Sell by ‘word of mouth’; use your words to motivate and inspire listeners by becoming a speaker and presenter and having your books available for sale.

If your book is about your story of recovery from a serious illness, then you may not be able to actually talk sufficiently well enough to be a speaker. If this is the case, may I suggest that you use a family member or friend to tell your story for you (with you present, of course).

As you can imagine, I never thought that my stroke recovery would lead to a business venture. However, one of the things that concerned me in the early days in hospital was “How can I still be productive and earn an income if I am impaired with an illness?” Somehow the ability to earn an income seemed to me a way of measuring my worth. I had always run a business and I still wanted to. Once I realised that I could do whatever I wanted to do, I just had to figure out HOW, then I was fine.

Hints and Tips
How you recover from your serious illness makes you unique. No-one else copes just like you did. Write down your thoughts, your progress, your fears, your achievements; this journal can become a book that can help others.

28 thoughts on “My Stroke Recovery Led Me to Build My Business

  1. Nicky Evans

    My sister suffered a stroke when she was in her early 20s, so i have seen first hand the hurdles a person endures when recovering from a serious illness. I can only applaude you for turning your healing journey into such a powerful tool to not only help and encourage others, but also build a business and help others to do the same!

  2. Lisa Perkins

    Writing your book not only helped you with your healing process, it’s helped so many of us reading it along the way as well!!!

  3. Wendy Mitchell

    I also journal how I am doing-fears, frustrations, set-backs etc…it really helps you reflect on how you were feeling and how you are able to cope at certain times in your life.

  4. Gary R

    I can really relate to this article as I myself am suffering from a chronic illness which is respiratory related. After realizing that I probably will never be productive doing a regular 9 t0 5 job again , I am constantly searching for legitimate work at home opportunities which will supplement my income.

  5. Jordan Beeker

    Everything happens for a reason and there’s positive to be taken from each negative. I’m glad you’ve managed to convert that energy into something special! 🙂

  6. katie

    Like everyone says recovery is a long process but getting through it is a major achievement! I give so much kudos to those who not only conquer an illness, but can manage to do something with their lives and contribute to the world ^-^

  7. sarah milan

    I agree that keeping a journal is a valuable tool for recovery, if only to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Your first motivation in this should be helping yourself.

  8. Ana B.

    I find it really encouraging that you turned a serious illness into something so positive. I agree that your unique experiences can be helpful to others so if you can find a way to write them down or share them somehow, this could benefit both yourself and others.

  9. Debbie Boulier

    Hearing other people’s stories is a great way to help recovery in a patient who’s had a serious illness. It can be “related” to and often the patient doesn’t feel alone anymore, there’s someone out there who knows exactly how you feel and truly understands.

  10. Samantha R.

    You are a very inspiring. I always have wanted to own a business and never thought it was possible with my luck but you give me hope.

  11. Chris W.

    Your illness really helped you to achieve your dream of running a business. I believe that sometimes our greatest achievements start with adversity. I also agree that promoting your book through word of mouth or the internet is the way to go. Sadly, bookstores are becoming a dinosaur.

  12. Jenny McKnight

    I have been suffering from a mental illness for several years now and I have often thought of writing a book about it. Thank you for your insights and tips.

  13. Jane

    Amazing article. It is incredible to think how adverse health conditions can help us succeed in life. I think recovering from an illness gives us time to think over our mistakes and try and address them

  14. caitlin

    Terrific article and great inspiration for anyone coping with illness and faced with the challenge of having to rebuild their life.

  15. sam

    As a firefighter I see a lot of stroke vicitms give up. I applaud that you did not do the same. This is very inspirational.

  16. jason

    What may be a proper coping mechanism may not be the same for others. It is very interesting how different people handle tough situations.

  17. Rene

    What a helpful tip! I hadn’t thought about journaling as a template for the book I want to write. Thanks!

  18. Robert

    People are always eager to hear about how other people went through experiences similar to their own.

  19. rose

    It is great to hear that your book is doing well. Sharing your story helps you and others cope. Good luck!!

  20. Kris H

    I’ll keep this in mind as I have never thought that a story about my own health troubles would be able to aide others in their own life journey.


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