MRI Brain Scans Can be Scary

MRI brain scansThere are many occasions when you are ill that you have to face unpleasant procedures and treatment, especially when in hospital. If you concentrate on what is happening to you, it is bound to feel even more awful. Having MRI brain scans can be very scary.

It is hard to force your mind to think of pleasant thoughts to take your mind off what is happening to you – but it is possible. You will be amazed at how good the mind is at moving your body and soul to a new level of acceptance and tolerance.

You can think back to lovely things that happened while you were a child; or perhaps think of your beloved pets; maybe remember what it was like when you got a promotion or won an award. Our brain has stored lots of good memories in the subconscious; it is up to you to bring them back to your conscious state.

When I had the first of my MRI brain scans, it was pretty daunting. There were many patients that just could not accept the trauma of the small space and deafening noise and had to be sedated. I sort of sedated myself by thinking of my lovely Cavalier King Charles dog, Cooper. I am training him for TV work and photo shoots. During my first MRI, I worked out a whole new training sequence to teach him a new trick!

If you want to know more about MRI you will find a whole chapter titled ‘MRI Madness’ in my book.

Tips and Hints
Surround yourself with happy thoughts when having to face unpleasant experiences during your illness. Let your brain take control of the unpleasant actions and replace them with happy ones.


34 thoughts on “MRI Brain Scans Can be Scary

  1. Peter Post author

    It would certainly help if medical staff were to go through the procedure with the patient beforehand. If delays are caused by patients freaking out once they get there, then it wouldn’t take much for staff to assess them and maybe sedate them before they are taken to the MRI clinic.

  2. Lisa Perkins

    MRI Brain Scans can be very scary indeed… My aunt was diagnosed with a medium sized tumor on her brain, but she knew that she had to have this done to be treated for it….

  3. Jane

    There is a lot to be fearful about when in relation to a MRI scan. The machine itself can seem rather intimidating. I had a scan when I was 22 and had no idea what to expect. I turned up alone and wish I had brought someone along with me for support as the scan seemed to take a very long time.

  4. caitlin

    Excellent post with a lot of very helpful ideas for coping with an MRI. Having to undergo these procedures is never easy but you offer some very good advice.

  5. jackson ripper

    Many people get nervous about the prospect of getting into an MRI scanner. Not surprising as most MRI scan tubes are long and narrow and do not let in any natural light. With some MRIs, you will be given the opportunity to listen to music. You will not be able to hear the music that well, as you will find the MRI machine is quite loud, but I also take the opportunity if offered and I chose classic rock as my music.

  6. Debbie Boulier

    MRI’s are absolutely freaky and noisy! I had one not too long ago and I’m not claustrophobic thank goodness, but even so I was feeling kind of close in there. And all that banging, it made me jump a few times. Their certainly not pleasant but they are like a road map for the doctors so in the long run it’s worth it.

  7. Jack J

    I thought this was a very good article. I have always been a firm believer that when going through tough or bad times, one of the best things I can do is surround myself with inspiration and good things. I have found this very useful during dramatic times and am glad to see others feel the same way.

  8. Chris W.

    I agree that facing any traumatic situation like a medical procedure can be made easier by thinking happy thoughts. I know that I have gotten through stressful situations in my life by thinking back to moments where I had successfully faced a challenge. It really helped!!

  9. Kris H

    This is great advice. When I have faced struggles in my own life and become depressed it has been having positive people around who love me that pulled me through the situation. It is through their presence and manifesting my own positive thoughts that I have made it through. This is an excellent tip.

  10. Jhonny

    MRI brain scan is not really scary it seems scary because you dont know that what will happen in next moment.

  11. Ana B.

    I completely agree that controlling your thoughts is key. If you focus on the pleasant you won’t be as aware of this “scary” situation that you’re in and that makes everything work so much more smoothly.

  12. Edward Kent

    Really informative post, Thanks for the tips and hints. I totally agree with you about surround yourself with happy thoughts when facing unpleasant experiences, that actually helps me a lot!!

  13. Jeff Fisher

    Good Read, replacing your worried thoughts with happy thoughts is a great way to pass the time during unplesent times.

  14. rose

    Wonderful tips. My mother always gets nervous when having an MRI. I will be sure to pass this information along to her.

  15. jeffrey

    I will be really scared if i have to go through MRI brain scans, there is no doubt about it. Hopefully the medical personnel can either sedate me or give me some drug to get me into deep sleep each time before the scan begins, so that i can cheerfully accept this medical procedure without having to go through stages of dreadful thought.

  16. Latifah Lewis

    I remember getting an MRI before….it was scary because I get claustrophobic and they told me not to move and I was in there for a pretty long time as well.

  17. Wendy Mitchell

    Whenever I have to so something unpleasant or even scary, I try to think about the things/people that mean the most to me. It really works if you just focus on it.

  18. frankrob

    i think a patient who will had first MRI brain scan must give a comfortable condition specially for achild, maybe put a Dysney or another cartoon wall paper . a lovely things like mini playground in MRI brain scan room. Finally if a children still uncomfortable, a doctor must gived minor transquilizer.

  19. Mike

    Great Article! Ill be honest ive had a few MRIs in my lifetime and I dont find them scary at all. It really is just a state of mind. Yes the noises are a bit uncomfortable but the scan usually doesnt last long.

  20. Ash Kngsley

    Information is key. I think it’s the professional’s duty to advise you of what’s to be expected and ensure that you’re comfortable. At least now, you can share the knowledge. Thanks.

  21. Samantha R.

    Just like when your going to sleep and don’t want to have a nightmare you think about pleasant things. It helps so much more even with other stuff you go through in life even when everything is bringing you down.

  22. Jack

    MRI Brain Scan is very much needed to assess the seriousness of brain problem. Doctors use it to detect brains problem. This article is very good.

  23. Robbie

    great way to examine the functioning of our brain. i believe it is a reliable way to diagnose.
    Very good way to test the functionality of our mind. Great way to reliably diagnose. Surround yourselves with happy thoughts.

  24. Chris

    Unfortunetly a necessary evil, It is the most effective Diagnosis tool we have with current tech. It is an intimidating thing but unfortunately just have to go through with it as the early diagnosis is essential with treating many conditions!

  25. James Davis

    Certainly a good way to go about any situation in life. Your mental well being is just as important as the physical.

  26. bricetester

    To be honest never had to take any test with MRI machine, and from what I read sounds pretty scary but not sure what exactly people are scare of it, is it because you might find that you have some type of disease or is it because the machine is scary? Still this was an interesting article thank you for sharing.

  27. Samuel Pegram

    It is definitely true that brain MRI scan can be scary because it shows the exact cause of the disease which makes the scan scarier. But it’s being scary does not mean you should avoid it. Rather it helps curing the disease in a better way so no need to be scare of it.


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