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Mind Body SpiritI decided to market my book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’ at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. My publisher actually suggested this venue as a good way to take part in a book signing, as those attending the festival would be interested in what happened to our body and spirits when we suffered a serious illness and how we coped. This video clip clearly shows the emotional shock of going through such an ordeal as simultaneously suffering a stroke and a brain tumour. It also indicates my journey to recovery.


I would not call myself religious or spiritual in the traditional sense; but I do believe that there is a God who leads us in a certain direction. Things will happen (both good and bad) and there is virtually nothing we can do about it. Where we can make a difference is in HOW we cope with what happens to us.

So, I thought this festival may fit with the topic of my book. It did indeed capture the interest of many people and I was humbled when I many stories were shared with me from those who stopped to speak to me. They (or their loved ones) had experienced various degrees of suffering and I could not help but think of how blessed I was that my suffering was not nearly as severe as some I spoke to.

One lady (in her 30’s I would think) told me that she had Multiple Scoliosis. That disease will eventually take her life. It is slow and painful and she will lose control of her muscles and speech. First it will be her limbs and eventually it will be her heart.

She then told me that her 28 year old brother suffered from severe dyslexia and could not speak. She was worried about what would happen to him when she was in a wheelchair as she had heard some pretty horrific stories about what happened to disabled people who could not speak (communicate) when they were placed in homes.

I then asked could her parents help. She informed me that her mum had passed and that they lived with her dad but the week before he had discovered that he had a brain tumour. She was a determined young woman and was doing her best to cope, both physically and mentally. But I felt so sad for her.

Yes, I sold a number of books, but more importantly I met some wonderful people and had many requests for speaking engagements, interviews for magazines, newssheets, radio etc. If you can find the right festival in which you can promote your book it could be a great way to enable you to earn an income. But as one customer said to me “You are not going to make a fortune selling your book, but you will give and receive so much inspiration and motivation that it will be worth much more than money.”

The Mind Body Spirit Festival was a worthwhile exercise for me and as there are usually over 60,000 attendees over 4 days, it certainly gains the interest of many.

Hints and Tips

Use your heart when building a business that you want to base on your personal understanding of how to cope with an illness. People want to be ‘touched’ by your honesty and soul wrenching experience. Once they have met you and felt a connection they will want to purchase something that you have created; it could be your book.

32 thoughts on “Mind Body Spirit Festival

  1. Nicky Evans

    Your story and account of your experience with the Mind Body Spirit Festival are amazing and touching alike! I admire how you can take so many positives away from your situation and still find the strength and courage to run your business and give such support and encouragement to others who are facing similar circumstances.

  2. Lisa Perkins

    Your book is absolutely AMAZING…. I cannot express all the ways that it helped my father through his healing and recovery process, it guided my mother and the rest of us through this difficult time as well…. There were so many helpful hints, to show us all different and positive ways to look at the battles along the way!!!

  3. Wendy Mitchell

    OK, this is totally me. I have fibromyalgia and I have chronic pain all day long. It has been hard, but I am upfront with my customers when it comes to their orders-like if I am delayed due to flair ups etc…

  4. Gary R

    Well no matter how serious your illness or physical ailment maybe there is always someone else that has a physical problem or issue much more severe than yours. As mentioned in the article it is very positive to share your issues with others . as it can be healthy for all involved.

  5. Jordan Beeker

    Business is not all about money. It’s offering something that’s really appreciated by the consumer. In your case, the passion and genuine kindness truly shows, and that’s why you’re successful! Thanks for all the awesome things you have shared with us <3 🙂

  6. katie

    Wonderful article! I feel that although this is suited to any business, it can be most applied to the online market, where there is the most competition.

  7. sarah milan

    It’s great advice to be true to yourself and genuine with your experience when telling your story.

  8. Ana B.

    Congratulations on your book and I totally agree that it’s important to use your heart when you’re involved with a business that deals with serious illnesses. It’s not just about money, but people’s feelings.

  9. Debbie Boulier

    The mind, body and spirit are all interconnected I believe so taking care of all three is important. Some times a serious illness makes us stronger and other times it has an opposite effect on our lives.

  10. Samantha R.

    It’s never just about the product your trying to sell but how you connect with others when trying to reach out about your product. I love the way you went about this and I can only imagine how lucky you was.

  11. Chris W.

    I really love how your experience has led to you touching so many lives. You are right; there is always someone who is going through worse than we are. I always count my blessings.

  12. Jenny McKnight

    I think you have a great perspective of how to deal with such a difficult trial. When something like this happens, it really does turn you to God. I will definitely check out your book.

  13. Jane

    Sounds good to me. There are umpteen faceless products out there. It is always good to be able to put a face to the name.

  14. caitlin

    Writing a book about your experiences is a very worthwhile way to reach out and help others who are coping with hardships. It is a great way to create something positive out of an unfortunate situation.

  15. sam

    Very good stuff. I think a lot of people confuse religious with spiritual. I think you did a great job on this post.

  16. MBW

    This is great advice. Inspiration and motivational subjects can help so many people who are willing to listen. Coming from a writer myself, it’s truly a godsend when the light bulb goes off.

  17. rose

    This is so true. Your business can only grow more if you put yourself into it. Putting your honesty and experience will make people want to support your “work”.

  18. Kris H

    I love the idea of letting people hear about personal health struggles as a way of connecting in a business way.

  19. bricetester

    I do Agree if your business work is because people truly believe in you. Honesty is the first thing that people are looking for and this book looks interesting.


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