Make Your Good Memories of the Past Work For You

Good Memories of your past LifeThroughout our life we have to cope with many problems. Some of these problems are severe, others seem (in hindsight) quite insignificant. But we managed to cope and move on by utilising various tools at our disposal. Good memories of your past life can really help you overcome the fear of your current situation.

It might be that you shared your problem with a loved one and the very act of talking about it helped. Perhaps in time, the problem simply seemed less important than it did initially. Maybe you just used your mind to force yourself to be strong and resilient. You may even have filled your life with something more important and concentrated on that.

When you remember these problems and how you coped, do not dwell on the unpleasantness of what the problem was, but rather on how you coped (the positive result). Concentrate on these memories and you may be able to move on more quickly when facing your current problem.

Remember, being positive is a strong and powerful healing tool. Good memories of your past help us to be positive. I can share with you lots of examples of how I remained positive during a ‘double whammy’ that I experienced.


Make a list (journal) of all the problems that you can remember from childhood onwards. The act of writing and remembering can be helpful. But keep reading the more significant ones and remembering how you coped and won!

30 thoughts on “Make Your Good Memories of the Past Work For You

  1. Peter

    I can see that your positive and caring attitude shines through in every thing you do. All credit to you.

  2. Kris Wan

    It is true that good memories help to overcome the present hurdles and problems. Good things in the past give strength to face the challenges and win over it.

  3. Lisa Perkins

    Very Inspirational article, Thank You So Much for the feeling of Encouragement today…. I Truly Needed it!!!

  4. Debbie Boulier

    Having a stroke can be a very devastating thing to happen and coping can be so difficult. It’s great to know someone’s out there who cares.

  5. Jack J

    I have found that writting down my memories and turning them into a positive way of looking at them, has really helped me. I used to have so many bad memories and got so down, but now I got a totally different way of looking at them and go about everything completely in a better way.

  6. Ana B.

    I agree that making a list in a journal can be very helpful; writing things down is a great technique.

  7. wendy mitchell

    I am impressed at how you use what happened to you to make your future better and productive.

  8. Kabir Ali

    Really it’s good point. I can do many works in my past good memoir. When my past life is great, i feel better and do every thing.

  9. Chris W.

    This sounds like a great idea and a wonderful way to boost your self-esteem, especially when you are facing a tough decision or challenge. I have drawn on my prior victories in the past and they really have given me courage to take on new challenges.

  10. Tenoch

    Having a journal is very good because it gives you something else to focus on instead of the ordeal you are currently in. I also agree that is good to focus on positive memories.

  11. Abbie Dawne

    I agree that keeping a journal for any reason can be a therapeutic and beneficial thing. It’s all to easy to forget life’s little wins.

  12. Kassie

    Great article! I would also like to add that even doing something simple as taking a walk in the park often helps. I used to take mu great aunt after her stroke everyday and it really helped with her memory loss, and kept her in shape as well 😀

  13. kris heard

    This is amazing advice. We often dwell on the negative in challenging situations when we should attempt to be more positive.

  14. Samantha R.

    They say the past makes you stronger. Knowing that you made it through the toughest times of your lives helps mold who you are today. It’s like things have been worse but now I get to live in the moment.

  15. rose

    I could not agree more. This is wonderful advice. Being positive about the things around you can do wonders for your life.

  16. Kevin

    This article is really helpful for me. Many kind’s of information are included in this article; I read it many times. It has inspired me.

  17. Tena Underwear

    Very inspirational article, thank you for sharing your thoughts on brain tumor and stroke recovery. As you demonstrated, it is important to share your inner feelings about dealing with this disease and focusing on the positive aspects of life in order to see a brighter day in the face of difficulty. Good luck with everything and take care.


  18. Jon

    Keeping a journal is really good advice. Its really easy to forget all the little victories you have instead of the stuff that gets you down. But their the most important!

  19. Lara Mill

    Journals! I’ve always kept them and they have been instrumental in helping me in my journey. If you don’t have it with you, scribble on something then transcribe them onto your journal later.

  20. Anna

    Remaining positive is the key to good health. Enjoyable previous experiences should be elaborated on with close relatives and friends.

  21. Gary R

    This is a very important piece of info. No matter what your physical health maybe you must try to maintain a positive, upbeat outlook.

  22. bricetester

    This is so true remember the past always help us to improve and not doing the same and being strong to face our present or future. This sentence is my favourite of the post “Good memories of your past life can really help you overcome the fear of your current situation.” Keep posting inspirational articles 🙂

  23. sarwarmostafa

    Very Inspirational article. this is true that good memories help to overcome the present hurdles and problems. Thank You So Much for the feeling of Encouragement today….

  24. Robbie

    I used to have some serious problems in my mind from my childhood. This was an interesting read. Thanks.


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