Make Money Writing – How to Build a Business From Your Adversity

Writing Your StoryWe often read about how people turn a hobby into a business. Sometimes such a business can be very successful; at other times it remains as a hobby but covers the expenses with the income earned from selling the product made. You can make money writing a book or e-book from building on how you coped when facing adversity.

We also often hear of people who have suffered from trauma, being able to turn this often difficult and heart wrenching adversity into something that is both inspirational and motivational. We see it in the disabled Olympics and with so many charitable organisations built around the pain and suffering that has been experienced; often by the loved ones and carers.

It is more difficult to think about building a business from the adversity. But it is possible. The main way to do this is by writing a book and/or giving presentations and undertaking speaking engagements.

First of all, you have to have something special to say; something more than just telling your story about how you coped when facing your demons. If you can turn the message around so that it actually tackles problems that others also suffer from, you are more likely to capture their attention and they will purchase and read your book.

It can also help if you are prepared (and able) to support existing relevant support groups and/or charities. In this way you will be helping others less fortunate than yourself and will be targeting a larger audience.

You may think that this is not actually running a business, and perhaps you are correct….it may seem more like a ‘philanthropic’ venture where you give time and energy to help others (rather than giving money). But the really important thing to remember is that you are being productive and accomplishing something important while still earning some money.

The success of business is not always measured in just how much money you make. It can also be your ability to achieve recognition; to be caring and giving of yourself; to develop and use your expertise and special skills etc. Many do not see these attributes as business achievements – but I do!

My book, ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’ makes a real effort to solve the problems of others suffering from adversity by having a ‘Hints and Tips’ section after each chapter. Readers can often equate their own experiences with the ones I suffered and may be able to emulate the same methods I used to overcome my adversity and remain positive and productive.

Hints and Tips
If you want to make money writing after suffering from adversity, consider developing a book telling your story. To capture the interest of others so that they will want to purchase and read your book, make sure you also build into it, a problem solving approach.

Barbara Gabogrecan sharing her thoughts

25 thoughts on “Make Money Writing – How to Build a Business From Your Adversity

  1. Jen Fraser

    Everyone has a story that someone will find interesting and valuable. If written appropriately and marketed well, there’s definitely potential for earnings. Focus on the content and don’t worry about the other components. They will all fall in place.

  2. Kris H

    What a great pieces of advice. Telling my own story of adversity by writing a book and being an example to others is a great idea.

  3. Jack J

    I have always like to write and this is a great idea. I have been through quite a lot and think I can come up with some pretty good idea.

  4. david martin

    Writing is definitely a terrific outlet and a wonderful means of building a business and something positive out of a hardship.

  5. Ana B.

    This sounds like a great way to help others learn from your situation and hone your writing skills. I’ll keep this in mind.

  6. Carol

    Good idea, making lemonade out of lemons, so to speak. Writing a book or even an ebook to make a positive out of a negative is a great idea!

  7. Chris W.

    I love how you turned your tragedies into triumphs by helping others. I have always believed that our true gifts and capacities are developed through adversity. Your experiences really attest to that!!!

  8. austin

    Very in-depth article. Writing your story from personal experiences can really build your income. Looking from the bad can really help you look forward to the good.

  9. Linda Dunn

    What a great idea! I’ve considered writing a book, but was missing the point about evolving the story into a problem solving approach. I think many of us do find a way to solve problems and survive, but are so close to the situation that we lack the objectivity to step back and logically see the approach with clarity. Sometimes it just feels like flying by the seat of one’s pants, when there really was logic applied. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I can see the sense in it. Thanks for sharing that idea.

  10. Nicole Evans

    You are such an inspiration and so generous! I love coming here and reading about you, your business accomplishments and, most of all, the tips you share to make a better life. I find, that what you share, not only benefits people who face severe illness as you did, but also to those of us who live with depression/anxiety and other non life threatening conditions. All too often, it is the selfesteem that takes the biggest knock and to read that you managed to not only give to people so freely but also run a business after your stroke is the biggest inspiration i could think of.

  11. sarah keating

    I would like to hear more about your concept of the problem solving approach that you mention. I hope you can give more help in your next posting.

  12. bizarrio

    There are indeed many people who have turned difficult situations into blessings.

    A lot of people have suffered a lot in lives, but they turned things around with sheer determination and hard work.

  13. Daniel D

    Experience is a priceless resource, what anyone does with that is completely left to them. Don’t waste your abilities!

  14. Gary R

    It is very possible that a simple side hobby can turn into something very lucrative for any individual. Since I have been retired I have started to do a few simple computer tasks just to stay busy. Before I realized it I had stumbled across a few opportunities that were giving me a pretty steady income. I am presently involved with an affiliate program which even provides helpful resources for the disabled. This one program really gives me a great feeling of satisfaction.

  15. Sweet_angel

    I make money through blogging and because of it I am able to help my siblings pay their college tuition fees.

  16. Charlene

    I started working in my field because I grew up with a rocky childhood. You’re right – it’s rewarding work where I feel like I make a difference.

  17. Jon

    I always believed in sharing my experiences, good and bad, with others, which is why I love to blog, and read others blogs! Great article and couldn’t agree with you more.

  18. Michael

    Freelance writing is very popular on the internet today! You can easily start up your own free blog site or page and blog away. Sending out support to anybody that reads your writings!


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