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Promote your bookWriting a book takes a lot of time and energy. Then having it edited, having the cover designed and finally having it published, take a lot of time, effort and money! Once all this is accomplished you are about half way there.  Now comes the huge task of marketing and promoting your book. Knowing how to promote your book can sometimes be more difficult than writing the book!

To successfully market your book you must decide just who your target market is. Who do you think would be interested in buying and reading your book? If it is a business book you will want to target business owner/operators. If it is a children’s book, it will have to appeal to children, but your target market is the parents.

If your book is on health issues this can be more difficult to work out just who the target market is as many people from all walks of life could be your potential customers. To try to narrow the field down a bit by finding out if there is a particular segment in the market place that the specific health issue being discussed in your book might affect.

In my book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’ it seemed to me that the majority of people who suffer from strokes and brain tumours are senior citizens. Even though I met a number of people who had young family members suffer a stroke; the youngest I heard of was 13 years old. But, it seemed to me that I should target the older generation.

I had to discover where this generation congregated so that I could promote directly to them. Even though it would seem obvious to approach Libraries for any books, it turns out that older people tend to use libraries more than the younger generation. This is probably because the young ones use the internet, IPhones etc.  So, it was obvious that I should target Libraries.

There are also a number of organisations that have the majority of their members in the older age bracket. Places like Rotary are always looking for speakers, so that became an obvious group for me to approach.

It is not so easy to get to the hospitals as they do not have many group activities where you could be a speaker, even though they would have the most relevant target audience. But specialist organisations that help people with a serious illness such as a stroke, brain tumour or cancer, and therefore they should also be approached.

Whatever topic your book is written about, you have to be able to distinguish your target market and approach it for the promotion and marketing of your book. Remember, it does not matter how good your book is, if no one knows about it, it will not sell. And these days you cannot expect shops to take it on. Specialist book stores are closing down fast and they only hold limited stocks of best sellers. Understanding how to promote your book to a target market should be a high priority on your list of things to do when writing a book.

If you look at the layout of my book, ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’, you will learn a lot about how to layout a book and you can also see the importance of targeting your market and collecting testimonials.

Hints and Tips

Understand just who you have written your book for. The demographics of age and gender are very important. Next, discover where your target market congregates and head in the same direction!

26 thoughts on “How to Promote your Book

  1. austin

    Really insightful article. Really helps you understand that certain demographics have to targeted, and show you all the tips to properly market your book.

  2. Jack Jargens

    Some really great information here, very useful! I agree, it is very important to figure out what age group you are targeting and get your book to where this age group will see it.

  3. Ana B.

    Great tips! I like what you said about understanding your demographic. This seems really important in all types of writing.

  4. Tim Herd

    I’m not an author but a book is like any commodity. I agree – know your market and know it well. It’ll make your chances of success much better.

  5. Chris W.

    You really made a great point about marketing your book is a lot more work than writing the book. I could see that really being a challenge. It sounds like you really did an effective job of finding your target audience. I love your suggestion of using rotary clubs. They sound like a great place to find your target population of senior citizens.

  6. Jenny McKnight

    Thank you for this advice. I too have struggled with finding out how to reach my target audience, and this is very helpful.

  7. Samantha R.

    Thanks these are such great tips! I just started writing a book never really considered all this but now I’m going in the right direction. Thank you!

  8. Nicole Evans

    This is a very useful post with lots of interesting facts thrown in. I had never thought of the majority of stroke sufferers being elderly, but that stems from my one and only experience of a brain aneurysm my sister had when she was in her mid/late twenties. I also love that you thought “outside the box” in marketing your book and broadened your target groups according to your experience and realisation that your book could apply to just about every person.

  9. Kris H

    I loved this article. I’m currently writing a book right now about the history of my city. The tip about knowing who my audience and promoting it to them really hit home with me.

  10. Gary R

    Writing & publishing your own book sounds like a very exciting thing to do. But you have to target your book to the right market to have any type of success. Great info!

  11. paul morgan

    I have been looking for some good ways of promoting my debut novel and i will be taking some of your ideas onboard.Very interesting article by the way!.

  12. amanda keel

    Some very valuable information and tips in this piece. It is very true that you not only have to know your target audience, but you have to know where they congregate as well. Very true that it doesn’t matter how good your book is, it is how you are able to promote it.

  13. Hunter Kegz

    Thanks for these tips. Really great ones too. I’m thinking about a career in writing, and this will help me out a lot! Bookmarked!

  14. MBW

    There’s a lot of great ideas here. I’m writing a book and have done so much research and this hit several points right on the head.

  15. Anne

    I have learned some new things again today, thanks so much for the great tips, I will definitely follow them. Thanks for sharing


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