Coping With Trauma and the Shock of a Serious Illness

Shock200When we discover that we have a serious medical problem, we find ourselves in shock. Coping with trauma can be very difficult for both the sufferer and the loved ones. Our family also suffer from this shock. It is very difficult to remain positive when facing the news and trauma that doctors share with you.

One way to help you cope is to force your mind to think of positive, even happy thoughts. Don’t dwell on the ‘why me’; after all, why not you? Life deals us all some pretty severe blows and if we constantly try to work out why it is happening, we can go crazy as there is no answer.

When you are going through the process of dealing with paramedics, nurses and doctors, if you are prepared for emergencies, you can eliminate much of the stress. You will constantly be asked such things as your personal details, if you are allergic to anything, what medication are you currently on and what is your medical background (they will also ask what is the medical background of your close blood family members, if your problem is serious and may be hereditary).

It is often hard enough to remember all these things when you are well, let alone when you are suffering or in shock. By being prepared for future emergencies, you can alleviate much of this stress by having all this information recoded in writing. Then you simply have to hand the doctors etc your sheet of paper with all the information they want to know.

When I was rushed to hospital by ambulance, the paramedic said to me “It is terrific being handed this sheet – I wish everyone did that”. You can read my story.


Write your medical information on a computer if you can (it is so much easier to read). If you don’t have a computer, ask someone who does, if they could do it for you. Don’t forget to update it if your medication changes. Keep half a dozen copies in your medical folder for quick access during an emergency

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