Help Yourself By Helping Others

 Help YourselfThere is no question in my mind that when you think of others, care for them and help them when possible, you will gain a great deal of satisfaction.

But more than a ‘feel good’ sensation, you will also be healing your own wounds. Whether you are recovering from a serious illness or from a marriage break up, you heal faster if you spend more time caring for others.

You can help others wherever you are. Sometimes just being a good listener helps another suffering soul. If you feel confident you may even be able to give some relevant advice.

When I was in hospital suffering from a stroke and a brain tumour, it would have been so easy just to concentrate on my own misgivings and problems. Of course I was concerned about how I would cope and what the future held for me. But as soon as I was able I looked around at my fellow patients. The first thing I discovered was that many had much worse problems than I had. I also noticed that they often increased their own misery by being depressed, impatient, angry and miserable.

One younger lady than me (she was 50) kept her curtains drawn. I had no idea what she looked like. Her mum and two young adult sons came to visit her. But one night I heard her crying.

A friend had given me a little crystal angel to look after me while I was in hospital. I spoke to a nurse and said “Tell the lady beside me that I will loan her my angle for tonight – it may help her sleep”.

She accepted it and the next morning she pulled her curtains open and began to talk to me. As well as having bleeding on the brain (and the doctors did not know why) she also had the problem of her mother not liking or accepting the new man in her life.

I was able to listen and could also tell her a story of how I coped with my mum who had caused me problems some years earlier. This lady not only seemed to stop worrying, she confronted her mum, as I had done, and all worked out for the best.

If you would like to hear how I was able to help a number of fellow patients, and consequently speed up my recovery, read my book, ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke”!

Barbara Gabogrecan sharing her thoughts

Tips and Hints

Think of others and see what you can do to help them. You will be amazed at how this can help speed up your own recovery.

25 thoughts on “Help Yourself By Helping Others

  1. Jen Fraser

    They say in order to get love, you have to give love. The sense of accomplishment and the reciprocating feelings makes all the difference in recovery. I’ve been there. It works!

  2. Kris H

    This is great advice. When I’ve felt better, it always seems to correspond with spending time and helping other. It almost seems to distract on from their own problems and help lift their spirits.

  3. Jack J

    Not only has helping others speed up my recovery but it has also made me not feel near as un-able to do things, its a great feeling and helps through recovery.

  4. david martin

    I agree . It is very helpful to get our mind off our own pain and focus our attention on helping others.

  5. Ana B.

    What a touching story! I agree that helping others helps you recover. It takes your mind off of your own issues.

  6. Carol

    I can relate to what you say because I too feel like I’m healing faster when I’m helping others. Laying stagnant in a bed or just sitting in a chair does nothing for ones own recovery but reaching out gets the healing juices flowing.

  7. Chris W.

    You are so right! I have always heard that the best way to achieve happiness was to forget yourself by focusing on the needs of others. Doing something for others has always pulled me out of dark mood and helped me forget about my problems.

  8. austin

    Quite an interesting article. Really shows how helping others can in the long run help you with your own recovery.

  9. Linda Dunn

    When we can help someone else, even in the midst of our own suffering and worry, it’s very uplifting. It’s a great way to stop focusing on one’s own worries, at least for a little while. A few years ago we had an ice storm here, couldn’t travel on the roads, and lost electricity for four days. The 80 year old gentleman next door couldn’t use his electric stove. Although we were in the same boat and miserable about it, I could still use my old propane stove, so I started taking him breakfast and dinner every day. Focusing on taking care of his needs helped me to rise above the situation, instead of staying “holed up” and wallowing in self pity.

  10. Nicole Evans

    You really manage to amaze me with your kindness, love for others and ability to give others some of your positivity! I love reading your blog and all the experiences have and usually leave here with lots to think about. As i keep telling you, i have not faced your difficulties, but battle with severe ptsd and depression, so your tips to a healthier “me” and how to turn the focus from “me” to others to help me get better are very valuable to me. Once the focus is not on my own “misery” i find that i have things to give and contribute. Thank you so much for spreading the word and for helping others by sharing all your experiences and hints and tips.

  11. Mary

    I will be sure to add you to my favorites link so I can follow and see everything you have to talk about. You are truly an inspiration!

  12. sarah keating

    You are truly a strong person to be able to think of others when you were going through such an ordeal. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. bizarrio

    I actually think this is a very good article.

    When you help others, you can find inner peace. That is why it is always recommended to help others whenever you can.

  14. Daniel D

    Building a social network and sharing your experience is always important in any challenging facet of life. It takes a village.

  15. Gary R

    It is said in scripture That The Lord May Bless Us so in return we may be a blessing to others. I myself always feel a certain satisfaction when I can become a help to someone whom may have a need. These days with life being so challenging people should make a conscious effort to help each other. By just doing this the world would become a better place.

  16. Charlene

    I don’t have anything spectacular about my life, but I never realised how good a life I have and how much I take it for granted, until I started volunteering for a charity. Now I think twice about complaining about selfish things.

  17. Jon

    If I can help others through my experiences I always feel accomplished! And also it helps me learn more about myself.

  18. Michael

    Joining communities on social networking sites is a great way to help and interact with other people. Giving and getting support from real people will make a lot of difference!

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