Having Patience Is Essential When Waiting For a Medical Check Up at Public Hospitals

Have PatienceIt is great to know that a medical team keeps a check on you throughout your recovery and for some years after a serious illness. You need to know how you are going and if there are any problems associated with you previous illness. But when your check ups are scheduled, having patience is essential, as the waiting times in public hospitals can be horrendous.

But getting through the waiting time to see your doctor is very trying. You can expect to be waiting for at least 2 hours.

Once, three other patients and myself were still waiting 5 hours after our appointment time. Staff actually brought us water and juice as they were concerned with our health after such a long time.

I remember one woman had to leave before she saw her doctor as she had to pick her children up from school. She had been there since before lunch and had no idea that it could take so long.

Another lady had her grandson (who was accompanying her) say to her “why do they bother with making appointment times when they do not adhered to them?”

There is no use complaining or getting upset. Just come prepared. These days’ folk bring their I Phone, Tablets etc. Others read. But as I suffer the rare problem of Alexia without Agraphia’ I cannot read-but I can write. So I fill my waiting hours writing. I am actually writing this post while waiting to see my surgeon.

I have had an MRI but have to wait for the results to be sent to the surgeon. That means another long wait. In my case, I was brought to the hospital from my home in country Victoria by ambulance as I had no one else to drive me the 100k and the driver has to wait to take me home. He was getting impatient and kept trying to hurry things along. I arrived at 11am and left at 3pm.

Having patience is a very important attribute to possess when dealing with public hospitals.

Whatever you do, DON’T bring children with you. It is boring enough for you – can you imagine what it is like for children? They become restless, annoyed, demanding, noisy and very miserable. And so do you and the other patients waiting.

The waiting time is tough enough without the added annoyance of unhappy and bored children. Be prepared to give up a day of your time and have someone look after your children for you. It will be less stressful for all concerned.

You can read how important patience was to me during my stroke recovery and brain tumour surgery, in my book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’. Perhaps you could emulate some of my methods if you find yourself in a similar position of waiting for a medical check up in a public hospital. 

Tips and Hints

When you go for medical appointments at public hospitals take something to keep you occupied for the many hours you may have to wait. Make sure if your appointment is near a lunch time that you take refreshments with you (especially a drink). Never take children (unless it is a child the doctor has to see). Be patient and remember; this visit is important for you and your health.

25 thoughts on “Having Patience Is Essential When Waiting For a Medical Check Up at Public Hospitals

  1. Jane

    It is possible to wait hours to be seen in the public system. Good idea to have a meal beforehand as food at the hospital is often costly. Bring some interesting podcasts or books to read to help occupy the time. Also at times it is best to catch public transport or a cab to the hospital as the parking can be very expensive.

  2. Jack

    Patience has always been something I have not had a lot of. However, with having to go see a doctor a lot i have learned to have pactience. I take many things to do, , but I figure having to many things to do is better than not having enough things to do.

  3. Tavia

    Hospitals are absolutely terrible for me. They are completely unfamiliar with my disorder so they aren’t sure how to treat me even though I just told them. And the wait and cost doesn’t make it worth it either.

  4. Debbie Boulier

    Unfortunately wait times at the hospital are bound to happen, so take a book, or some knitting or even a crossword puzzle book to keep you busy. Even go for short walks around the hospital, just have something to do.

  5. Matt

    Very good advice. Bringing children to the hospital unnecessarily is NOT a good idea. They have such little patience as it is, and hospital waits can easily last 3+ hours. Definitely bring a novel, or music to listen to or something to do on your phone or tablet device if you have one.

  6. Fred

    Waiting is just the worst thing. So many ifs and buts creep in, with the biggest being the do I really need to be here? Then it is difficult to tell yourself “yes I do need to be here”.

  7. Steve Francis

    Waiting in hospital can be stressful. Taking your mind off it will help you relax and that can only be a good thing.

  8. Nicky Evans

    This seems to be food for thought for all of us, all over the world. Here in the UK we face the same problems with waiting times… unfortunately it isnt always possible to leave the children, as in my case for example, i have no close family or friends who could look after my daughter and two autistic sons, waiting with autistic kids puts you into a completely different plane of life 🙂 but, with some preparation and forethought, even that can be managed. I love that you write while you are waiting… i have taken books to read in the past, but never thought of bringing my journal along!

  9. Lisa Perkins

    Waiting times in public hospitals can be horrendous…. You are definitely Spot on with this comment!! Throughout my father’s “Lengthy” recovery, his tolerance was at an all time low….. And mine wasn’t far behind in Frustration!!! I really had to learn and keep my emotions under check, For My Father… The Doctor’s, and of course myself….

  10. Debra Owens

    Patience is what gets us through! It is better to wait on the facts than to jump to fast for a diagnosis.
    If treated before the correct diagnosis is made, it could ultimately take you before your time was due!

  11. Kristina

    Learned the hard way with appointments at hospitals. I have had to wait on many occasions for the doctors and then tests. A good book is always something to have on hand. Also having someone with you is good as well.

  12. Heather Jones

    The hospital in my city has wifi. Since I work from home, I can get some work done even while going to the hospital for a checkout! It is even a good idea to take a tablet or mobile device and play a few words games or surf your favorite sites while you wait!

  13. Dan Reid

    Patience is something of a lost art today. Everyone seems to be in a rush and we forget to stop and ‘smell the roses’ at times. For medical appointments, I agree to take load off and do things as normally as you can and keep calm and relaxed. Your turn will come up soon enough. And kids, as wonderful as they are, are best left outside of medical appointments for yourself 🙂

  14. wendy mitchell

    I always try to bring a book. Sometimes the waiting areas have TV’s so that is also another outlet that can be used to help pass the time.

  15. Shane

    My dad used to have a lot of appointments and this is very true and great advice. Because waiting times can be long it is good to do something, it also helps you keep your mind off things as well 🙂 Very helpful, thank you

  16. Kimberly D

    I completely agree with you. I get so frustrated waiting at the doctors office or being seen hours after my appointment. Patience is a virtue. It truly is good to have patience and just try to deal with what comes at you.

  17. Kris H

    I love this article. I freak out whenever I have a medical appointment. I love the idea of bringing something to read, this will occupy my mind and allow me to think about something else.

  18. Chris W.

    I have had a few long waits for doctors appointments myself. Just sitting there and waiting makes me nervous, so I usually bring needlework to pass the time. It really helps to calm me down.

  19. Ana B.

    Yes, waiting for your appointment can be pretty stressful and you must be patient because it can take a while. I agree with your tip to bring something to do: I like to get tasks done on my phone or bring work that needs doing.

  20. Samantha R.

    I am the most impatient person. Depending on how I’m feeling I can normally handle it I like to read a magazine to pass time though so I’m not twiddling my thumbs going crazy waiting.

  21. Daniel Ward

    I had this problem a while back, I was waiting in the hospital for 6 hours and had nothing to do! Luckily somebody got me a newspaper which occupied a few hours! Good advice

  22. Max Torini

    waiting in hospitals is so stressful sometimes. Most of the time you are sick and in pain too so the wait just sucks that much more. Try going for walks around the hospital!


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