Coping with a Serious Illness and Running a Business

Illness and BusinessThose who have suffered a serious illness have to come to terms with how important it is to stay active and productive. They will probably be slower, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be productive and feel fulfilled. You can still cope with a serious illness and run a business, if it is relatively easy and is something you love to do.

Both my husband and I have suffered from debilitating health issues. Peter has just had a full knee replacement and has a chronic back condition that often has him confined to bed. I have had a stroke and had a life threatening brain tumour removed. We were determined to keep our businesses going as we enjoyed being productive. We build websites, run Home Based Business Australia and I am an author and an artist.

As an author, when I discovered that the stroke left me with ‘Alexia without Agraphia’ (which means that I could not read – but I could write) I suffered an enormous shock. But it did not take me long before I realised that if I could still write, I could write another book. Thus my new book titled ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’ was written and has now been published.

It was so exciting to see the final print copy after the months of hard work. For every page I wrote, Peter had to read it back to me so that I could assess if I had said what I intended to.

The really tough part was dealing with the editing. The editor gave me lots of great ideas and tips, suggesting I move sections from one chapter to another etc. BUT I could not follow it all with Pete just reading it to me. After trying for a month, I than had a brain wave. I ran off the draft as a hard copy and spread the pages on a large table. When Pete told me which pieces she suggested be moved, I would literally cut it out and paste it to where it had to go. Pete would then read me the new page and I might decide to add another paragraph to make it flow better. It was certainly tiresome but so very rewarding!

We utilise the internet as it has such a wide reach to potential customers and is so economical when wanting to run a business. I have just completed a silk painting order to a client in Spain and my Online Silk Painting Course’ has a number of artists joining from America. My husband and I constantly learn new skills to keep us up to date with the technology we want to use that will help us to build on our successful businesses. You are never too old to learn!

I have always had the philosophy of ‘what can I do for you’ rather than ‘what’s in it for me’. I now know that I can do anything I want to – I just have to figure out ‘how’. I now know that even after a serious illness I can still run my business, even if it required a few changes.

Tips and Hints
Keep in mind what it is you love about your business. Next work out what you can still do, or perhaps reintroduce another aspect for your business, and concentrate on that. Realise that you can do what you want and that you just have to figure our ‘how’. Above all, enjoy what you are doing!

28 thoughts on “Coping with a Serious Illness and Running a Business

  1. Lisa Perkins

    You are an Absolutely Incredible Strength, with an abundant amount of Courage…… Alot of people wouldn’t had been able to try a business through their Illness, but you pulled through it all like ” Wonder Woman”!!!

  2. rebeca

    awesome article and really its must important it is to stay active great information thumbs up for this article

  3. Tara York

    Excellent article. I agree – there are many people out there who are at less than 100% for whatever reason and they are still able to function well, sometimes even better than those who have all their senses, bodily functions, etc. Do what you can and do it with passion!

  4. Kris H

    Great article. I’ve been thinking about leaving my current job and trying to do something that I love. I love the advice of realizing that I can do what I want but that I just need to figure out how.

  5. Ana B.

    Excellent idea; it’s good to keep busy when you’re recovering and coping with an illness. Running a business may seem like a really hard thing to do when you’re sick but it is doable and very rewarding!

  6. Debbie Boulier

    Running a business while coping with serious illnesses can be very challenging, but if you have some really good friends and wonderful family members, they can be a great help. Also having some exceptional employees helps as well. But it can be done, it takes a lot of perseverance.

  7. Tiffany

    I really commend you for still doing what you love and not letting your illness slow you down. The tips you give are very useful, if you don’t love what you do there is no motivation to keep doing it! Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Jack J

    I agree and think it is very important to enjoy what you do. Also when you are down or unable to do what you normally do, it is important to figure what you still can do and support yourself.

  9. Nakiba

    It is amazing to watch a business continue to grow after introducing a new aspect to a company, especially when you remember what it is that you love about the business. We went from accessories to handbags and then shoes. It was great to see sales continue to rise after adding those elements to the inventory.

  10. Chris W.

    It is wonderful that you and your husband were able to focus on your business endeavors and write a book while dealing with debilitating illnesses. I love how you adapted over that challenges that your illness caused. I agree with your philosophy of figuring out a way to do something new instead of giving up and saying “I can’t.” You are such an inspiration to me!

  11. Debra Owens

    I so admire your strength and all that you have accomplished! I have also been fighting memory loss due to serious brain injuries from a auto accident! Life is tough at times but people like us know that we can overcome! Good luck to you!

  12. Amy

    You have inspired me! I have been stuck at home and wanting to occupy myself with other things so I don’t focus on my illness. I have always loved crafting and I hadn’t taken the leap to do it from home. Thank you for this article.

  13. Tina

    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for helping folks that felt that having a medical disability was the end of the road. In fact I’m going to pass this on to my father and my facebook friends.

  14. twinkle

    Excellent article on business. I really love my business, this article helped me to improve my business.

  15. Lyn Collins

    Wow I am very much inspired by your story. I think that awareness is very important for people to be stronger and should not affect illness towards achieving their goals and living their life they want it to be.

  16. Nicky Evans

    You really are an awesome lady! The more i read of your blog, the more impressed i am with your philosophy on life. Your real life tips, gained from your own personal experiences, are invaluable and give hope and encouragement to others who face your struggles. I cannot begin to imagine what it must feel like to hold that very first copy of a printed book in your hands! congratulations to you and i hope your word is spread far and wide across the globe.

  17. Wendy Mitchell

    I have a small online business that I run from my home. I had to change alot of things, and even give up some of what I used to do. I pace myself and rest when I need to. I can work my own hours which really helps.

  18. caitlin

    Very true as well as inspirational article. Focusing on something positive such as running a business can definitely help speed recovery.

  19. Jane

    A stroke does not have to interfere with work. There are always tasks which might be able to be undertaken from home or done an alternative way. Never give up.

  20. Denise Yue

    Thank you for writing this article and being an inspiration to those who have an debilitating illness and dream of running a business! Your philosophy on why we should run business is truly inspiring because you are a businessperson with morals.

  21. Kate Hughes

    This is great advice. The most important thing in life is to have fun and enjoy what you are doing. Look past all of the bad and continue on with your life. Make it the best you can.


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