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Barbara Gabogrecan

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George Town, Tasmania, 7253

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  1. Carol

    Hi Barbara,
    Thankyou so much for recording your journey and more importantly your thoughts about suffering from a stroke and a brain tumour.

    My daughter a 28 year old special – ed teacher, is currently in hospital, waiting to get to rehab. She had an ependymoma tumour removed on january 4th, after having it diagnosed on January 3rd. After the operation she had a ‘bleed’ on the left side of the brain, then later a vasospasm and stroke.

    The damage to the brain left her unable to move at first. Thankfully she doesn’t remember the traumas she went through and can just remember some parts of the hospital stay in Melbourne. She is now in our local hospital, but as she becomes more and more alert, she suffers more from ‘down’ periods.

    It has been a very emotionally draining journey for my husband , my self and our other daughter. We have had many distressing things said to us, as it seems nowadays that no one wants to commit to what might lie ahead. We continue to be positive and look for the best possible outcome for our daughter.I spend a lot of time researching information on the web and am so pleased that you have this blog. Thankyou for using your difficult journey to inspire others.

    1. Barbara Gabogrecan

      I have said since my journey that not enough understanding and support is available for the caregivers, as we all concentrate on the person with the illness. You and your family are to be commended on how you are approaching this trauma and must be determined not to get exhausted; as this could stop you in your tracks and you will be needed by your daughter for a long time. I am so pleased that you have contacted the Stroke Foundation and you will find that there is a lot of assistance from Government for your daughter and you, as caregivers. Make sure you use it – do not think you can manage without it (which you probably can, for a while); just realize that you need the support too. I wish you all the best and if there is anything further I can do, please do not hesitate to call me…as you are relatively close, I would be very happy to call in and see her. Barbara

      1. Carol

        Thanks so much Barbara. I spoke with my daughter today about our chat. She would like to meet you in the future, so I will keep in touch.
        Carol 🙂

  2. Roscoe Smith

    My dad just recently had a stroke so this is definitely very inspirational for my family and I. Having health related issues can be a stressful thing to deal with your journey provided me with the necessary knowledge to be able to cope his issue more efficiently.

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