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Is Hospital Food Service Something You Can Feel Confident About?

hospital foodI don’t know of anyone who actually likes hospital food. It is usually cold and tasteless. And of course it is seldom the type of food that you are used to or like. If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in hospital for a number of days you are bound to be disappointed with hospital food service.

Some hospitals do not even have a kitchen. Frozen food is delivered to them and it is heated for the patients. At least this food is usually hot even if tough and tasteless. Many hospitals do not offer you a choice of food either; too bad if you don’t like what is being offered. If the hospital does not have a kitchen, morning and afternoon tea may not be offered offered either.

Rehabilitation After Surgery

RehabilitationAfter my stroke and brain tumour surgery, I was told to expect to be in hospital and rehab for at least three months.

I was lucky that I had not been left with any major physical disability after the stroke, which made rehabilitation after surgery a lot less than it might have been.  My disabilities were all in my head (brain)! My inability to read, not being able to recall names and specific words and my total confusion with numbers, dates, months etc. were the results of my stroke, rather than from the brain surgery.

Having Patience Is Essential When Waiting For a Medical Check Up at Public Hospitals

Have PatienceIt is great to know that a medical team keeps a check on you throughout your recovery and for some years after a serious illness. You need to know how you are going and if there are any problems associated with you previous illness. But when your check ups are scheduled, having patience is essential, as the waiting times in public hospitals can be horrendous.

But getting through the waiting time to see your doctor is very trying. You can expect to be waiting for at least 2 hours.

Waiting for the News of Loved Ones Undergoing Serious Surgery

Waiting for patients undergoing serious surgeryYou are in surgery and do not know what is going on or how long you are there. The medical staff is working away and they get lost in a time warp too. But your loved ones are sitting in a waiting room waiting for news of how you have fared from the serious surgery you are undertaking.

The stress they are under can be really difficult, especially when your operation is a serious one. Your loved ones need to be prepared. They should ask roughly how long surgery is likely to take. They might have to sit in the waiting room for many hours and should consider taking a thermos, sandwiches, and fruit. It could be a long wait and they need to keep up their energy.

MRI Brain Scans Can be Scary

MRI brain scansThere are many occasions when you are ill that you have to face unpleasant procedures and treatment, especially when in hospital. If you concentrate on what is happening to you, it is bound to feel even more awful. Having MRI brain scans can be very scary.

It is hard to force your mind to think of pleasant thoughts to take your mind off what is happening to you – but it is possible. You will be amazed at how good the mind is at moving your body and soul to a new level of acceptance and tolerance.