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The Stroke Foundation Leads the Way in Encouraging and Rewarding Recovering Patients

The Stroke Foundation is aware that patients suffer a great deal of physical, mental and emotional trauma and quickly lose confidence, after suffering from a stroke. They were also aware that some patients tend to recover more quickly than others and wondered why this was so.

It seemed that many of those recovering quickly did so because of the confidence they experienced when taking on creative skills, such as painting, music and writing. To encourage more patients to take on these challenges and to reward those who had done so, they decided to create the Stroke Foundation Creative Award.

How You Can Help Others With Their Recovery After a Stroke

Stroke Book Graphic

Many who have suffered a serious illness or accident want to somehow help others who may be experiencing a similar trauma. Sometimes even the caregivers feel an urge to share their knowledge of how they coped, in an attempt to inspire and motivate others.

Did you know that in Australia one in six will suffer from a stroke? Did you also know that young children and teenagers can suffer from a stroke? There is even a case where a baby had a stroke while still in the womb. Recently I met a grandmother whose two month old grandchild suffered a stroke.

Brain Surgery


Keep Mind BusyMany people who suffer from brain tumours and other medical problems associated with the brain, are often concerned as to whether or not they will still be able to cope with complex thoughts after brain tumour surgery. To assist you with recovery you must understand what you will be experiencing during and after brain surgery and be determined to fight and win the battle you will be facing. It will also assist you if you are able to be patient and keep your mind busy.

Coping With Trauma While Running a Home Based Business

Coping with TraumaI ran my businesses from home as I was the caregiver for my 90 year old mum who was nearly blind, had dementia and was on a walker after having her hip replaced. It was sometimes difficult to run my businesses while looking after a very demanding mother, but coping with trauma when I was hit with two serious illnesses simultaneously, really did set up some challenges for me.

Stroke Recovery Time is Different For Everyone

Stroke Recovery 2When you hear of people suffering from a stroke you have no idea just how badly this has affected them. It can be totally debilitating or may not have any obvious effects at all. Consequently stroke recovery will happen over different time spans for different people.

My brother was found unconscious in the back yard by a neighbour. In hospital they did a CT scan and told him that he had suffered a stroke. Apart from the fact that he was unconscious, he had no other effects at all, even though he said he felt more tired than usual.