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Coping With a Stroke Disability

DisabilityA stroke causes the second most deaths of any diseases in Australia, with heart problems being number one. However, strokes are one of the biggest causes of disabilities in this country. One in six people will suffer from a stroke in their lifetime; in fact, one person every 10 minutes suffer from a stroke in Australia.

The risk factors that you should be aware of are high blood pressure, smoking. alcohol,  cholesterol, diabetes, irregular heart beat (AF) and overweight (poor eating and little or no exercise). You may be able to avoid a stroke by reducing or eliminating these risk factors. I suggest you do everything possible to reduce your risks; It is much easier to prevent a stroke than to recover from one.

You Must Drive Your Own Determination to Recover From a Stroke

Drive & Determination

From Bruce Dobkin MD (Video below)
Edited by Barbara Gabogrecan

A stroke is caused by impaired blood flow or bleeding on the brain; the latter makes up 10-15% of strokes. When you suffer from a stroke, localized tissue in the brain is injured. This can lead to a number of problems, including:-
inability to swallow
finding/recalling words
speech impairments
loss of sensations etc.

Share Your Story of Recovery

Story of recovereyWhen we suffer from a serious illness and are fortunate enough to experience a remarkable recovery, it is only natural to want to share your story of recovery with others in an effort to motivate and inspire them during their own personal struggle.

I truly believe that when you set a goal to help others you will actually be helping yourself too. The more you think about caring for others the less time you will spend worrying about your own problems. To be able to motivate and inspire others is a skill that is not too difficult to learn.

Overcoming Depression From Setbacks, When Recovering From a Serious Illness, Can be Tough

By Barbara Gabogrecan

overcoming depressionIt is difficult enough to accept that you have a serious illness, like cancer, stroke or a brain tumour; but when you have to face setbacks, overcoming depression can be your real challenge. The good news is that this type of depression is more likely to be a ‘feeling’ rather than a chemical problem. If it continues and you can’t talk yourself out of it, seek medical assistance.

I find that when the feeling of depression begins to overwhelm you, it is important to be active. Doing something constructive with your body and your mind, can certainly provide a strong solution.

Help Yourself By Helping Others

 Help YourselfThere is no question in my mind that when you think of others, care for them and help them when possible, you will gain a great deal of satisfaction.

But more than a ‘feel good’ sensation, you will also be healing your own wounds. Whether you are recovering from a serious illness or from a marriage break up, you heal faster if you spend more time caring for others.

You can help others wherever you are. Sometimes just being a good listener helps another suffering soul. If you feel confident you may even be able to give some relevant advice.