Caring For Others During Your Time of Need can Speed up Your Recovery

Caring for othersWhen you are suffering from the shock of learning that you have serious or life threatening illness it is quite normal to worry and even feel panic and fear about what you are going through and what the future will hold for you.

You may find this hard to believe, but caring for others during your time of suffering can be very stimulating and satisfying. By helping others at this time of your own suffering you can speed up your own recovery. The more you can contrite on how you can help others, the easier it will be for you to cope as you begin to think less about your own worries.

If you are in hospital, take notice of fellow patients and see if you can talk to them or simply listen to them as they share their concerns with you. Occasionally you can actually do something more physical, like sharing a book or magazine. Introduce your visitors to them -perhaps your visitor may be able to do something for them e.g. going to the canteen or passing them something they are trying to reach.

I remember a fellow patient opposite me dropped his phone and was unable to get out of bed to reach it. I was in hospital because of the stroke, but was able to get out of bed, so I hopped up and got it for him. For the rest of his stay in that word, he talked and joked with me. He did not get any visitors and even the nurse said how he had changed for the better by having me as his ‘hospital friend’! I can assure you, while I was conversing with him, I was not thinking about myself.

I actually shared my crystal ‘guardian angel’ with another patient and this helped her through a night when she was sad and afraid. It can be really little things you can do that can make a huge difference.

This may not be easy to do, but it is certainly rewarding when you can be caring for others. In my book, ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’ I mention a number of patients that I formed a relationship with while I was in hospital – some I did not even know their names. I wanted to share with readers and fellow sufferers just how heartwarming it is to be able to help others in a time of need and just how it can speed up your own recovery.

Tips and Hints 

Remember to care for others and to help them when possible, EVEN when you are suffering and afraid. It will help your healing process as well as benefitting those you are prepared to help.



32 thoughts on “Caring For Others During Your Time of Need can Speed up Your Recovery

  1. Peter

    How many of would actually think of doing this? Yet, it makes perfect sense. We do feel good when we can help someone and feeling good about yourself is a major step on the road to recovery.

  2. Lisa Perkins

    During my Father’s stay after being diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer on an extremely important artery, the healing process in the hospital took way too long for my father, and he became quite antsy and wanted to visit with the nurses all day long, finding reasons to push his call button…. He then was transferred to a “Convalescent Home” for physical therapy and to gain back his strength for close to another month… My Dad, being the In Your Face “Social Butterfly” He’s always been loved socializing with the other residents there, their family members, and the medical staff…. It sure made his long stay there alot easier on him, driving everyone else completely crazy with his crazy sense of humor!!!

  3. Jane

    It is vital to show empathy to people who have endured a medical condition such as a heart attack as they are often quite stressed about their medical diagnosis. Listen to their worries as they often need someone to speak to.

  4. Wendy Mitchell

    This is good, as it helps get our mind off ourselves and on to helping others. Just dont overdo it.

  5. Debbie Boulier

    If you are able, helping someone else out can be a great cathartic. It really helps to keep your mind off your own troubles, plus helping someone else can really take the load off of the hospital staff at times. It also helps your recovery, as movement after surgery is so important to help prevent blood clots.

  6. Jack J

    I have found that doing things even if they are little things does help my mind set and recovery process very much. Formin relationships was pretty important for me and helped me get through a lot easier.

  7. Yusuf Ali

    All of us are connected in some mystical way and I truly believe the notion of ‘sympathy pains’. It goes without saying that we also share the positive energies. Sharing in these moments, regardless of the circumstances makes us all better in the end. THanks for sharing your experiences and tips.

  8. Ana B.

    This is a really inspiring post. It can be easy to forget about others when you’re dealing with a serious illness, but you’re right that being positive towards others and helping them can help your own recovery. It’s a win-win situation.

  9. rose

    Wonderful article. These are all true points. Talking to others can certainly make you feel better and in the process it can make there experience better as well.

  10. caitlin

    I agree taking your mind off your own problems and helping another will definitely speed up recovery.

  11. Chris W.

    Your suggestion sounds like a wonderful way to deal with the stress and fear involved in being hospitalized. I, too, find focusing on others and fulfilling their needs to be great therapy in any stressful life situation. A wise man once said that if you want to be happy, forget yourself!

  12. Tom

    I’m a strong believer in karma so I take great gratification from helping people out. You’d be surprised how often it comes back in your favour.

  13. Kris H

    This is what I did during my last stay in hospital. An elderly woman across the hall was lonely and never received visitors. I quickly became fiends with her and would often wheel myself across the hall to keep her company and help her in eating her meals. This not only comforted her, but myself as well. It kept my mind off my own situation and allowed me to lower my anxiety levels.

  14. Samantha R.

    When going through such a tough time and having others near you that are as well it becomes a lot easier to cope. You are able to share your struggles and see how at times it could be worse on the other side.

  15. Caitlyn

    I have never felt more at ease with myself and my life when I was doing volunteer work. There is just something about helping others in need that makes you feel like you can and are doing better. When I was hospitalized I remember those moments in between visitors where I would just sit hoping to have someone to talk to, not wanting to be alone. When I was eventually all healed up, I made a decision to visit the patients in the ward where I was staying at and to bring those children who were stuck in the hospital on Christmas presents. And after seeing the joy on those children’s faces, I don’t regret getting sick. I regret not volunteering sooner.

  16. sarwarmostafa

    How many would actually think of doing this? Yet, it makes perfect sense.It really helps to keep your mind off your own troubles..

  17. Rezwan

    Human life is all about hope. After hearing the life threatening illness, we have to make our mind & soul more stronger than before. Then we can lead a sound life.

  18. Tarry Brown

    It is our moral duty to Care for others, we can only be self satisfied if we do care for others, if someone is in trouble. Care and feeling are proved to be a very powerful medicine to recover person from illness.

  19. Kristina

    Every time that I was in hospital it helped to normalise things by talking to the people that also shared your room. It made the time go quicker as well.

  20. Chris

    Totally agree with this article, my mother spent allot of time in Psyc Ward when i was younger and caring for others was actually one of the most beneficial things about the shared ward for her was caring for other people. Great Read !

  21. jackson ripper

    My trips to the hospital are usually very pleasant every time i go i always find someone to have a great conversation with, and i know that makes their day even better.

  22. Swaolatul

    It is my personal experience that Love & care of your close ones can heal you very quickly. It is like a miracle power which recovers someone from the worst condition. So love is power. To become well quickly there is no alternative than love.


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