Can The Brain Heal Itself?

Brain RecoveryThis video talks about a new tool being used to assist patient recovery from a stroke. I found it of particular interest and would recommend anyone suffering from a stroke to look further into the new technique being researched.

In New Zealand there are over 50,000 people suffering from a stroke, with 5,000 new sufferers each year. No two strokes are alsike and recovery depends on how the brain itself can recover. Strokes are the major cause of disability in adults, worldwide.

The research is looking at ways to prime the brain to prepare it for more traditional therapy e.g. physiotherapy. The damage from a stroke can be temporary or permanent (the latter can lead to a complete loss of independence) and it is so important to try to speed up recovery (for both the patient and the caregiver).

This research is using magnetic resonance and magnetic stimulation techniques, which in turn can better show just what areas of the brain are damaged. The aim is to shorten recovery time for patients.

25 thoughts on “Can The Brain Heal Itself?

  1. Maria Gutierrez

    This is a fascinating subject. I’ve read studies that said brain tissue was different from the rest of the body, and could re-form at least some of the neural pathways damaged after a stroke or injury. With the advancement of medical science, maybe this natural healing ability can be improved to help people make full recoveries!

  2. Austin King

    This is very interesting because many times we never think that possibly the brain might heal itself through therapy and rest. The human body including the brain is an amazing thing.

  3. Tony Paylor

    I hope that there will be new research on recovery of brain after stroke and the recent research on magnetic stimulation looks promising in reducing the recovery time, which is vital.

  4. Gina Sterling

    The brain absolutely heals itself. It’s only been in the last decade or two that we have discovered this, but neuroplasticity, as they call it, is the brain finding new pathways in place of old ones. This is no exception for stroke patients. Nonetheless, fascinating video.

  5. Sarah Keating

    This new research looks very hopeful. It would be wonderful if it could reduce recovery times for stroke patients.


    This information is especially useful for patients and family members of those recovering from a stroke. This would have been ideal ten years ago, when there wasn’t that much information around.

  7. Jane

    Fantastic insight. The nevous system is so complex. Magnetic stimulation sounds interesting. Would be good to see some outcomes from controlled studies.

  8. james

    It’s always fascinating to see the advances of medical science. I would love to see the long term results of this study.

  9. Tiffany Monique

    I had no idea there were that many people suffering from a stroke in New Zeland! Hopedully the techniques displayed can be enhanced to shorten patients recovery time even more.

  10. Dustin

    This is such a great new medical tool. It amazes me how much we still have left to learn about the human mind and how to heal it. I think using magnetic resonance is an amazing tool as it allow doctors to see how much of the brain has been damaged and allows for a faster plan of action to deal with this damage.

  11. Angel Nelson

    Very interesting article. The new tool that is talked about in the video sounds like a great idea. Recovery from a stroke is always hard on the entire family. This could help.

  12. Tim C

    I think the consciousness is what creates the brain in the first place. Change in consciousness makes a change in the brain.

  13. Gau

    Modern science including magnetic stimulation techniques for stroke recovery is great and goes hand in hand with leveraging our own brain’s amazing powers to heal itself.

  14. Bill

    There is no doubt in my mind (pun) that the brain can heal itself. There is still so much that we are discovering about our bodies today, and there have been some major discoveries over the last few years, I’m sure there will only be more.

  15. Timothy H

    Science is miraculous and the brain, being the most complex and advanced part we have, is definitely a healer. I can’t wait until we learn more about this critical piece of our species. Thanks for the video!

  16. Judy Workman

    This new brain research sounds like a good way find out how to shorten recovery time for patients. I hope it is successful. I would recommend people suffering from a stroke to check out the new technique being researched. It might lead to a speedier recovery for them.

  17. Lloy braun

    What an amazing advancement of technology, I really hope this will be able to help with the recovery after a stroke. Look’s promising!


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