Can the Brain Be ‘Fixed’ After a Stroke?

Brain CellsFor many years we were told that brain nerves simply die as we get older. This is not exactly true. It has been discovered that many cells migrate towards the area of the brain which is stroke affected, but most do not survive the migration or cannot actually move into the area where it is needed.

These cells are starved for nutrients and until scientists can work out how to re-invigorate them to encourage the cells to migrate. It took a long time for scientists to understand and discover how stem cells worked, so it will probably take a long time for this new approach to work. But scientists are making progress, so something good is bound to happen in the future.

Hints and Tips

It is so important to never lose hope. Stay positive and accept what you have been dealt and work at moving forward at all times. But you will not physically be able to do this if you cannot mentally do it!


This video discusses these issues as they are being investigated in America. It would be interesting for you to watch.

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25 thoughts on “Can the Brain Be ‘Fixed’ After a Stroke?

  1. james

    Positivity is so important. Many studies have shown that a positive attitude can be key in recovery from a serious illness. Like much of life, a positive attitude takes much further than a negative one.

  2. Mike Teberio

    I think in some cases it could and it can’t because sometime’s your brain could recover but if it gets into different stages and you start having them over and over again it could cause very harmful things too your body that will be lasting forever but thank you so much for the tips and hints.

  3. Debbie Boulier

    I totally agree, never lose hope. It can be a long way to recovery but if you take it just one day at a time then you’ll absolutely make it.

  4. Austin

    Another great article. Positive mental thinking is truly half the battle when dealing with anything, but especially with a serious medical affliction like a stroke.

  5. Will McCaig

    great tips and hints. mind over matter is important. in many asian cultures the mind controls all. monks have lit themselves on fire and withstood it because they have strong minds. calm the fire within you with your mind.

  6. Ben McKinnon

    Research shows that the brain is ever-changing and can definitely be ‘fixed’, so to speak. Just as you can control many functions of your body (e.g. lowering your heart rate, adapting to temperature conditions, etc.), your thinking and moods can also be trained to perform better, even after strokes and serious illnesses.

  7. Chris W.

    It is interesting how much medical science is improving and changing. I had no idea that stem cells could one day be modified to help stroke patients. I guess that is important to never give up hope because medical science is always advancing. You never know when a cure for your illness may be found.

  8. Ana B.

    Positivity is key! There is still so much we are learning about how the brain works and how it heals and regenerates itself. In the meantime, we just have to never lose hope and keep moving forward.

  9. S.B. Stolk

    The brain is so amazing! It’s awe inspiring to realise how much this fragile, complicated organ is capable of healing!

  10. Fred Arnold

    That is awesome! Seriously science has done some amazing things and I don’t see why this wouldn’t be coming in the near future. It’s an exciting time for medicine!

  11. arsuk

    I din’t feel as though the brain could be fixed after a stroke, but this post has made me think differently.

  12. sarah keating

    I truly hope one day that stem cell research into the brain will help stroke victims come back fully to 100% percent functioning.

  13. jinie lara

    The power of positive thinking is immense.. Seriously science has done some amazing things and I don’t see why this wouldn’t be coming in the near future. It’s an exciting time for medicine!

  14. Danny

    Mind over matter. Unfortunately, brain cells are one of the few cell groups that cannot be replenished once they die and this can be scary for both the person affected and loved ones. With a little bit of retraining of the brain, you’d be amazed at what can be possible.

    1. Barbara Gabogrecan Post author

      I think it is important to realise that even though the damaged part of the brain cannot be replaces, the brain has another method of healing. It actually can find alternative pathways to enable the brain to do the same function using a different pathway. This is what I call really remarkable. Barb

  15. Jane

    Small changes need to be implemented. Everything is a gradual process. Recovery will not occur overnight. Need to remain optimistic.

  16. Brandon A

    Thank you for your help! If we don’t have hope, we don’t have anything. I truly believe that good things happen to good people, and if you remain optimistic, I believe good things will happen.

  17. Raul

    as explained, mental strength is the key to fight any mis happening, never think that nothing can happen. very well explained.

  18. Sandra Harriette

    Videos like that can be so healing. Thanks for sharing. I believe that you and anyone else can heal from this condition, and anything can be healed by a willing person.

  19. may camp

    I agree, we should eat healthy foods, enough exercise but also we need to have a positive perspective in life. We need to surround ourselves with positive people and will gonna uplift our spirit to help us throughout our physical and emotional battle, and a lot of prayers is important.


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