Building an Online Business When Recovering from Illness

Online businessIf you ran a business before you suffered your serious illness, you will probably find that the business suffered particularly if you were the sole operator of a home based business. However, if you are building an online business, then the chances of you being able to keep it running while recovering from an illness, greatly increases.

No doubt, like me, you wondered if you would ever be able to run your business again. Of course, this can depend on just how serious your illness was and what disabilities you were left with.

But everyone has to be prepared to slow down, especially at first. You may only be able to work for an hour or two at a time. So what you have to do is work out just what you can do and set yourself a goal.

Slowly you will be able to build on this, but recognise that you may never be able to do the ‘flat chat’ workload that you used to do. Consequently, your business may have to change. You have to decide what parts to keep and build on and what parts to let go.

Don’t let this distress you or you will not be able to get back to building your business up again. Hang on too tightly to all aspects of your business and both you and your business are likely to suffer.

Find short cuts. Instead of a weekly newsletter or daily post in your blogs, make them monthly. See if you can employ a local person (often school age children are suitable) to do some of the menial tasks for you e.g. filing, sorting, tidying. Many are excellent (and quick) when doing tasks associated with a computer or the internet.

In my case, as I could not read, I had to depend on someone else to read to me. Eventually, if my emails were short, I could slowly work them out; just needing help every now and then for a word that still evaded me.

I could write and enjoyed sending out information, but someone else had to place my text in the AutoResponder and send it for me.

I love writing; I have written a number of e-books and had two books printed. I also love silk painting and could still paint at a high level of proficiency. After my illness I was keen to prove to myself that I still had entrepreneurship skills. I decided to build an online silk painting course which took off like wildfire, with students from America and Australia. It was satisfying to realise that my entrepreneurial spirit was still alive and well. It certainly gave my confidence a boost!

I was also an international speaker and could still professionally give a talk, so I decided to build up my speaking engagements on a topic relating to my latest book ‘Thank God I Had a Stroke’. I immediately started to receive bookings.

You can definitely run a business after a serious illness, though it is easier to do this if your business is built around the Internet. If you haven’t already built an online business, then I would suggest that you give it a go. If you  would like to discuss with me about how you might be able to do this, please feel free to email me.

Tips and Hints

When getting over a serious illness and trying to run your business again make sure you pace yourself. Take it easy. Give up some aspects of your business or get someone to help you. Above all, make sure you enjoy what you are doing.

23 thoughts on “Building an Online Business When Recovering from Illness

  1. austin

    Really helps you understand that need you to take your time and pace yourself after a serious illness when going back into the world of business ownership.

  2. niger sultana

    building an online business, that chances of you being able to keep it running while recovering from an illness, greatly increases. it depend on just how serious your illness was and what disabilities you were left with.

  3. sarah

    I got the news that I was clear from cancer and wanted to take on the world right away. It’s important to understand your limits as you say.

  4. Jack Jargens

    I agree and am so happy that while recovering I had someone one help me with my small business. At first I did not consider getting someone to help me but recovering took more out of me than I realized.

  5. Ana B.

    Business is important but recovery is as well. I agree that it is really important to pace yourself and not overload yourself with work when you’re recovering.

  6. Tim Herd

    Similar to me, but not really running a business but working for one. I couldn’t do the same things as I used to do in such an efficient matter. It does take some time to get back into the swing of things. People can be understanding too if you let them know up front of your special needs.

  7. Chris W.

    I love your suggestion of pacing yourself, simplifying tasks, giving aspects of your business to others, and focusing on a few key areas of your business while recovering. Breaking down tasks to manageable chunks certainly would make running your business smoother. It would probably also help speed up your recovery and give you something to look forward to working on.

  8. Jenny McKnight

    After I got sick, it took me nearly a year before I could get back to work on my business. I have learned as well, the importance of pacing myself and being patient. A lot of good insight in this article!

  9. Samantha R.

    I’ve always found it better to work on it when your up to it and you put more in being consistent helps but too much sometimes can be a little overwhelming. It is especially helpful to have your partner or friend help with your website.

  10. wendy mitchell

    I know 1st hand how hard it can be to start or continue a home business when you have been ill. Just slowly pace yourself so you dont overdue it.

  11. Kris H

    I think taking time for yourself when you run your own business is very important. Health is the most important thing and dealing with excess stress may hinder you health. I hope those who run their own internet business heed your advice.

  12. Dan Ward

    By running an internet business you are able to avoid the stresses of travelling and sitting in an office for a full day! I like your thinking and wish I could get my online business off the ground!

  13. Gary R

    Being disabled I can relate to what is being said here. There are times when I have to take a rest for an hour or so due to fatigue. It is important to plan your day accordingly to be the most productive.

  14. amanda keel

    I have actually been hired to help someone with their on line business while they were recovering from an illness. The person was still very much in control of their company but needes to lessen some of the work load on himself. As a student at the time, it was a valuable experience for me and very helpful to him and his recovery.

  15. Hunter Kegz

    Great. I will follow those tips.
    I feel like they will actually help me. These seem valid, and helpful.
    Can’t thank you enough 🙂

  16. Anne

    This article is so very encouraging, I really appreciate you sharing this article with us. It’s really very helpful specially to those who are just recovering from illness and want to go back to their business.


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