The Stroke Foundation Leads the Way in Encouraging and Rewarding Recovering Patients

The Stroke Foundation is aware that patients suffer a great deal of physical, mental and emotional trauma and quickly lose confidence, after suffering from a stroke. They were also aware that some patients tend to recover more quickly than others and wondered why this was so.

It seemed that many of those recovering quickly did so because of the confidence they experienced when taking on creative skills, such as painting, music and writing. To encourage more patients to take on these challenges and to reward those who had done so, they decided to create the Stroke Foundation Creative Award.

Can The Brain Heal Itself?

Brain RecoveryThis video talks about a new tool being used to assist patient recovery from a stroke. I found it of particular interest and would recommend anyone suffering from a stroke to look further into the new technique being researched.

In New Zealand there are over 50,000 people suffering from a stroke, with 5,000 new sufferers each year. No two strokes are alsike and recovery depends on how the brain itself can recover. Strokes are the major cause of disability in adults, worldwide.

Yoga to Help Stroke Recovery

Yoga 2There are many different activities we can do to assist us with stroke recovery, especially when it is the limbs that suffer from some form of paralysis.

A physio therapist is usually the first person that we use to assist us. Sometimes the physio will include working-out in the pool. Hydrotherapy has water hotter than normal and this also helps to loosen muscles and reduce pain.

In this video, the lass who has suffered a stroke is using Yoga in an attempt to get her tendons and muscles working again. The help she is receiving is from a very caring and patient person – another essential quality necessary to relax the patient and make them feel more secure.

Help Others to Help Yourself – Be an Ambassador

Help OthersI have spent my whole life helping others. As a secondary teacher of Art, I took great delight in helping young folk to find their own creativity and to develop their skills, thus building their confidence and allowing them to achieve success. So, it was pretty easy for me to still be able to help others even though I was coping with facing my own demons after suffering both a stroke and a brain tumour.

What Types of Strokes are There?

Typs of StrokesBlood Clots

We normally think of blood clotting as a good thing as blood needs to clot for a wound to heal. However, when a blood clot actually blocks an artery or cuts off blood flow, then a clot is dangerous.

Embolic Stroke

This stroke occurs when a blood clot forms somewhere in the body (usually the heart) and travels through the blood stream to the brain. It gets stuck in the brain and stops blood from getting through.

Thrombotic Stroke