Accepting the Quality Care in Hospital

Hospital LifeNo one likes to be in hospital. But fretting and wanting to leave while you still need medical teams to assess and look after you, is a fruitless emotion. It can only cause you to prolong your recovery time. You have to accept that the quality care in hospital is just that, and not look to downgrade it, even if you believe that what you are getting is less than ‘quality’. It is not home and you cannot expect it to be.

This really is ‘mind over matter’ – you have to learn to accept that where you are is best for you at this time. If food is a problem, see if your family can bring you something more suitable. Most hospitals have a refrigerator these days where patients can store food.

Don’t just think about yourself and your problems. Take an interest in other patients and see if you can help them during their time of suffering. Set an example by demonstrating how tolerant and caring you are. Don’t complain. Try thanking staff and let them know how much you appreciate what they are doing for you. Believe that what you are receiving is quality care in hospital; when compared to many overseas hospital, it is!

Take this attitude and you may find that your stay in hospital is much better than it might have been. You can read about what happened to me to lead up to my first hospital stay.


Concentrate on what you can do to make others feel better, including fellow patients and hospital stuff. Be co-operative and remember what your mum taught you ‘always say thank you’. Concentrate on others and you will cope with your own problems better than if you just worry about yourself.

29 thoughts on “Accepting the Quality Care in Hospital

  1. Ven

    Great read – the ‘thank you’ makes others feel good. Seems to be lost on the younger generation. I notice when on the bus to work, I always say ‘thanks, have a great day’. Others of my generation seem to do the same, yet the kids seem oblivious to it.

  2. Chris W.

    I agree. Being positive, making adjustments to make things more comfortable, and taking an interest in others will make your hospital stay or any other stressful situation more tolerable. Negativity just breeds more negativity and stress.

  3. Lisa Perkins

    You are such an Amazing and Uplifting Individual….. I really wish this Blog would’ve been available while my Father had an extended stay in the ICU, and then quite a stay In a Life Care center throughout his Recovery….. He pretty much fought it the whole way, and he wasn’t shy about showing it!!!!

  4. Debbie Boulier

    This is excellent advice in this blog. I’ve found the times I’ve been in the hospital that it really helps to help other people. It makes them feel much better and you feel better too!. And always be polite, there’s no need to be rude with other patients or staff. I know being in the hospital really upsets some people, but try to stay positive….it really does help.

  5. Jack

    I have had family members in the hospital that wanted to get in and fought it the whole time they were in there, and I think that if they would have cooperated while they were in there it would have went much better and their recovery time would have actually went by much faster. So I totally agree with this article and hope many get to read it.

  6. Samantha R.

    I will keep this in mind in case I ever have another hospital stay. Mine have also been horrible but maybe that’s just because I was picking out everything wrong with it and them.

  7. Ana B.

    I’ve never thought about it that way but taking an interest in other patients and staff, and forming friendships is a great way to adjust to what would otherwise be a difficult hospital stay. Great tips!

  8. Jane

    Wonderful article. I think a lot of us can be selfish when are in hospital. We tend to think we are the worst off. Best to be optimistic and try and engage with others around you.

  9. Wiliam Caree

    This is an informative article. Quality care in hospital is very important for every country. Hospitals cause many people to be very upset. This article is really good.

  10. Gary Roberts

    Being in the hospital for any type of extended stay is not the easiest thing to cope with. But you must try to remain calm and show appreciation to the medical staff who are trying to protect your health. Very good article!

  11. jeff fisher

    Good read, like the article mentioned its all about attitude. Can go a long way to making your stay at the hospital good or bad.

  12. Sandra Harriette

    I have to disagree. I personally feel that many conventional hospitals are disconnected and so focused on keeping operations running that they don’t promote true healing and recovery. A lot of conventional medicine practices are so corrupt that it appalls me they are in existence. I hear and respect your opinion, though.

  13. Tim Johnson

    Wonderful read, keeping thoughts on other certainly seems to help and will make the experience much better overall

  14. caitlin

    Great point a positive attitude is so important while in the hospital and can really affect your recovery time.

  15. beth

    another great post, i agree with your point on helping others. it’s the best distraction from your own worries, and can make you appreciative of what you do have, rather than what you don’t.

  16. desmond bates

    Strongly I agree cuz what u know is good but who u know is better that WHO… Whomever that would be mite be the person u didn’t say thanks too

  17. Wanda

    I am a firm believer that coming to grips with where you are and what your condition is will help you cope better.

  18. Abbie Dawne

    It’s important to maintain a positive attitude while receiving care at any establishment. You will only be worse off if you don’t!

  19. rose

    I totally agree with this comment. Being in the hospital for a long period of time is never fun. But if it can help you feel better, why argue and complain.

  20. kris heard

    This is great advice. I’ve spent a great deal of time in the hospital during my life and there’s nothing better than maintaining a positive attitude. Worrying and complaining won’t help at all, just think positive and get through the situation.

  21. Joey E

    I think the more positive a person can be at the hospital. Of course the better your experience is going to be there. Sometimes a simple “Thank You” is all it takes, . Great article, and agree with you!

  22. MBW

    Excepting the reality of what your in can help you focus on your recovery and seeing problems quicker, if any, rather than focus your efforts on things you cannot change.

  23. Sharon

    Great tip. There are studies out there that show that people who practice optimism and focusing on their recovery with a good attitude have better outcomes. Another point is although the staff is there to do their jobs, they are human as well. When patients and their family members are non-justifiably difficult, it is the patient who suffers.

  24. Noan Reelie

    You are such an inspiration. It is rare that people are able to to forego looking from within all the time to look from without, especially in stressful situation such as going to the hospital.


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